Friday, July 27, 2012

Fujitsu Executive Interview + Giveaway(?)

(View my post on their laptop launch HERE!)

Had an exclusive chance to interview the Assistant Manager of Marketing Communications @ Fujitsu, Cheryl Lu.

H: What future plans does Fujitsu have in mind with regards to the different type of laptops models that they are going to have in the future?

We have an exciting line up of products planned in 2012. The Summer launch is to coincide with the introduction of the new Intel Chief River / Ivy Bridge platform. We will continue to introduce new and innovative products when our partners like Intel and Microsoft introduce new upgrades and innovation to their products.

H: What plans do you have to compete with other brands of laptops?

For Fujitsu, our focus is to continue to build high quality products that’s integrate the newest technology with the latest innovation. This year, Fujitsu embarked on the theme of Takumi which focuses on consistency in terms of quality and attention to details. As a leading technology company, we continue to build some of the best products in the market.

SH772 – World Thinnest 13” Laptop with Optical drive
U772 – World Thinnest Ultrabook with integrated HDD

We also integrate quite a lot of Fujitsu Unique innovation in our premium Made In Japan laptop
• Fujitsu patent pending ventilation system for keeping the laptop cool and easy maintenance
• Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Lock which offers corporate level security
• Removable Modular bay with a variety of accessories which allows for customization and expansion of laptop capabilities
• World’s first zero watt adaptor for laptop for lower power consumption and eco environment
• Battery check feature which allows users to check battery level even when laptop is switched off
These are unique to us and make our products stand out against our competitors

What was the inspiration behind the LH772?

Our inspiration originated from the ‘Takumi’ philosophy, which is to pursuit the perfect balance of beauty and functionality in all our notebooks. This applies to the LH772 as well, with its exquisite made in Japan design and touches. To give you a better idea, you may want to take a look at a video we have made depicting the thoughts and insights that goes behind the design and craftsmanship of the LH772.

H: What are the drastic improvements that they have made between the past models and this LH772?

• 1st collaboration with Onkyo, one of the top Japanese experts in AV
• Full size keyboard with number pad on a 14” laptop. Number pad is usually found in 15” and bigger machines. By having it on a mainstream 14”, this makes it more suitable to students, educators, accountants etc
• Spill Resistant Natural Fit Dichromatic keyboard which combines aesthetic (Dual colour tone), usability (Dish-shaped keys) and functionality (Fujitsu trademark Spill Resistant feature)

* * *

Apart from the interview, they have also sent me two types of speakers!
So far have only tried the portable one and it's quite loud.

Which of this 2 speakers do you want most? 

(I might just do a giveaway for y'all if the response is good.)



  1. i really want the Fujitsu Speaker Bar! :)

  2. I want the Fujitsu portable speaker :)

  3. I really hope to win the Fujitsu Speaker Bar! The design is so sleek and nice :) I once bought cheap speakers and it totally didn't work at the party. What a mood spoiler! So I hope after winning this speaker I can play more better music during parties! Thank you :)

  4. I would like to own the Fujitsu Speaker Bar!!!

  5. i would love to win the Fujitsu portable speaker because it's so small and cute !:)

  6. elaine_arahan29@yahoo.comMonday, August 06, 2012 3:53:00 pm

    I want the Fujitsu Portable Speaker because it's so handy! and my speaker now is not in its best condition so I would love to have a new one, and I pray that I'll win that new one here. Thanks! :)

  7. i would like the speaker bar. :) Perfect for when my friends come over

  8. I like the Fujitsu Portable Speaker. Looks easy to carry around and from your post, it packs a good deal of treble/bass!

  9. I would like the white speaker bar! :)

  10. Please let me have the Fujitsu Portable Speaker - the ideal speaker i am looking for my compact new home!

  11. I would love to win the Fujitsu Black Media Speaker Bar because I like to listen to clear and loud audio! :)

  12. I would love the black Fujitsu Media Speaker Bar! The design is really innovative and sleek, plus the sound quality seems amazing ^ ^

  13. Love this compact and powerful Fujitsu Media Portable speakers. My laptop set will hv less wires to get messed up in my backpack. With the wireless speaker, I can even have control over position, and wireless adjust volume without having to touch the keyboard or my wireless mouse. ^ ^



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