Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last week of June


LOTD for one of our dance rehearsals.

What's so special about this photo? :P

Dinner/supper with Jayley @ Mustafa's CMK.
LOVE the egg!!

Will always order the rojak when there's fillet! :D

Stayed over at C's place and we had breakkie together at his house's hawker.
Kway Chap!

And some dishes that goes with his porridge.

At night, we went to Plaza Singapura for dinner. Decided to try something we had never tried before.
Went to Japanese dining place at level 4.
Shared a meal and here's what we had ordered.
Omu rice~

Inari sushi.

C's favourite; Karaage.

And a bowl of curry udon!

The bowl used was extremely big!!!

Had a fruit tart after that. *Yums*

Went back to his place and was treated to a "foot spa" - something he brought back from Tokyo.

Here are the things that's inside the box!

Super sticky sticker for you to conceal the "shoes".

Cool right! The Japanese are geniuses!


My feet before putting it on...

And C's feet.

Left it on for 2 hours straight. Need to be very careful when walking as it's really slippery.
A lil itchy as the hours goes by but it's bearable.
States that your skin on your feet will start to peel within a week to a brand new skin. :)
More photos will be shown in the next few posts.



  1. Wow :) Amazing food! I hope your leg is nicer after putting the baby foot (Japanese). Anyway, I really love Jayley's Domokun bag. 加油 Hayley!

  2. may i know what does LOTD/SOTD stands for?

    1. Look of the Day / Style of the Day. :)

    2. :) you're so pretty!

    3. Aww, you're too sweet! Thank you. :)



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