Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Bloggers' Party


Daddy fetch me to the nearest MRT station and then I trained down to Plaza Singapura for an event.

No smile or smile....?

Walked to:

Was the first blogger to reach! :P

Selcas in the toilet....

... and the super-echoy-staircase. Tried to record a cover on Ailee's Heaven but failed terribly due to people walking in and out.

2nd blogger to reach! Introducing Petrina. She's effing skinny and tall - model materials!

Love the wallpaper and candies area! :D

Products from Sally Hansen on each of every tables.

Another selca before we start to.....

... EAT! :D

Love the salad.

Another one with Pet by a professional photographer.

Took some candies home! Haven't even finish them! :/

Here's BG, the host of the day representing Sally Hansen.

Started by telling us to care for our nails using these:

Super pretty colours! :D

Here's 2 coats of Champagne Toast.

A mini competition was held by them. Bloggers would have to come out with a design.

Everybody got so creative!

In the end we had 3 winners! Jacelyn was one of them (on the extreme right).

How can we not end an event off with a group photo? :D
I'm sure you can spot me easily. :P

Goodies for all of the bloggers. :D

I love reds and pinks on my nails!

While waiting for C to come pick me...

Went for a round of durian near Rochor Tau Hway! 12 bucks worth of happiness. :D

C got us both this from Tokyo.

And a bubbling Stitch. xD
Thanks for dropping by! :D

Which is your favourite colour when it comes to nail polishes?


  1. Hi, what's ur bf, Mr C. working as now?? he seemed to fly alot.. & is he still with Mediacorp??

    1. Hi there! Well, he's an air steward and nope, he's not with Mediacorp since 2 years ago. :)

  2. When it comes to nail polishes, I want pink, purple and blue. Your nails are nice.Actually, I realised that you are really a nice and friendly person when i started interacting with you :) I hope to see you next time. All the best!

  3. Just wondering... How tall are both you twins??:) you two look pretty tall and lean. Like those people that never seem to get fat despite not eating like a rabbit:):) hahaha...

    1. Haha, I'm standing at 1.67m, 2cm taller than my sister. Well, we are actually watching what we're eating! xD

  4. Hi! May I know where you bought your top from? :)



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