Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sentosa with my #stitchies!


Selcas with my new shades. :)

Loads of camwhoring that day. :P

Love the sun and the natural lighting. :D

Met my admins @ Vivo's level 3 before we took the Sentosa Express monorail.
Alighted at Beach Station and took the tram to our destination.
Chilled here for a while and got to know more about my #stitchies. All of them were either super shy or awkward that day luh!

Cupcakes they bought for the gathering ended up smashed, but still taste delicious! :D
I'm really started to love Red Velvet, thanks to Natalie.
Other than those, they bought Ferrero Rocher, chips, bottles of drinks + Gong Cha (my favourite Honey Lemon + Aiyu Jelly) for me as well! How thoughtful! :D

Cute penguin Stitch that Rachel and Kylie got for me. :)

Time to hit the beach.... xD

Some bonding games I saw that day. Guess it was a day out for those people working in that company. Seems like loads of fun - getting buried in the sands. LOL

Photos credits to Zhiqing (my new Hayleycopters admin).

Sunny sunny day!

Off we go for some Skyride and Luge!

Hope to see all of y'all soon! ;)


  1. I hope to see you soon :) so sad that I didn't go for that gathering but I will go for the next gathering if I can make it. All the best to you :)

    1. Haha, there will be even more chances in the future! No worries. :) All the best to you too Celine.

    2. Yup, there will be a chance to see you soon :) Lets 加油 together.

  2. Replies
    1. YES! I'm loving it all thanks to you for introducing it to me since your birthday @ Timbre! xD

  3. wow looks like u really had a lot of fun!!! I miss you, lets hang out again



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