Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1st Week of July

Just a post full of pictures - pretty much self-explanatory! :P


Super fat cat that I saw while filming at City Plaza.

Doing hair and makeup.

=///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=


Hearty breakfast to start the early morning off.

40 bucks worth of shoes, purchase them both at Cine's basement's pushcart. Lol

Dinner at Marché with C.

Mushroom we always order whenever we dine there.

C and his shrooms.

Ham and cheese crêpe! Yums~

Tryna camwhore with my camera. xD

Look at  how excited he was when he saw the squids.

By the time when the pizza was ready, we were all super full! Nonetheless, it's still taste good.

=///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=


Artsy fartsy time...... with Bui Bui! xD
Please do not blink for the following pictures of him cos he's extremely CUTE!

His >_< face! xD

LOL at this one!

My sweetie pie~ <3 p="p">

In the process of melting...

=///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=


Breakfast with besties - a day I would treasure and keep in my heart.

Blue-blacks from the previous day of performing.

Finally found time to pamper myself with a session of mani and pedi @ Envy Nails.

46 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079316
Telephone: 6736 1220 / 6221 1220
Email: envynaillounge@gmail.com

Opted for a natural looking manicure due to filming.

With the manicurists~

Super nice choco Fox biscuits to munch on!

Dropped by Eastgear to get new car adaptable and spent on this, something I have yet to use! :/

Drove down to Ikea and met Jayley up for dinner.

Love this pink armchair!

Sisters' love!

Hair of the Day:

Oh ya, forgotten to show you guys the final product of my artpiece made for C, created with the help of Nat, Toon and I.

Fake injury makeup my MUA on set did for me! Fooled quite a number of people with it too! :P

=///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=


My foundation brush broke. :(

Ichiban sushi @ IMM with Jayley.

Bought some tidbits from Daiso for the cast and crew!


Salad @ Changi Airport's Astons.

Filming till the next morning that night.

=///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=


Went to Plaza Sing for dinner.
C and his favourite Indo food.

Here's my chicken!

Went down to basement for some yummy durian swissroll.


Special shades that I spotted!

Bui Bui in his Stitch costume. :P

=///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=     =///'_'\\\=


Breakfast C made for me. :D 
Love the crossiant with ham and cheese!

Here comes the main character of the day:

Ain't he like the cutest pooch EVER!?

Thanks y'all for reading this super long-winded post! xD
Hope you guys enjoyed it.



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