Thursday, August 16, 2012

2nd Week of July


"Bui Bui, why are you looking at me like this?"
 Reason being:

✦   ✦ 

Something heartwarming I see every morning when I wake up. 

Mini Woo family outing early in the morning!

One similarity that both Jayley and I have with Bui Bui....

Macha flavour Kit Kat! Pretty nice.

Handmade brownie specially made by one of my followers, Celine. :D

✦   ✦ 

Went dinner with some of the cast members.

Zomg, looking at these photos make me wanna go back!
Absolutely love the malt-coated eggplant!

Korean pancakes.

A table full of delicious delicacies.

Group photo before we leave.

✦   ✦ 

A mess made by Bui Bui. :(
Mommy was pretty mad.

Family outing to the east.

Something I can't do without if I have a whole day shoot at East Coast Park:

Used the watery cool body mist sunblock!

Super refreshing and it doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all!

Smells good too!

✦   ✦ 

What is sweetie pie up to again???
Licking water off the ground. O_O

Told C that I crave for durian and he brought me to a place near Rochor for some! :D

Satisfied 2 cravings in a day. SHIOKANATION!

✦   ✦ 

One of my favourite toast ever plus C's Meesiam from Toast box.

12 Cupcakes!

Pretty overrated! But it's not bad.

C bought 3 for me! :D

Dinner with his family at Aroy Dee. Love the soup!

Sent me to Clarke Quay and met the guys at Shuffle later at night.

Paloma and the board.

Lychee Mojito.

X, J, H, S.

Jia Qing and Kenny performing for the night.

Drove to Sunshine Plaza and head down to....

Love Drunk to chill more! A tower of beer - Atiqah and Paloma.

Kenny and Stuart.

Jayley and Sherly.

S and I.

✦   ✦ 

Dinner after filming @ 126 dim sum. Luckily we chopped seats for the rest.

Some of the food that we ordered.

Unique car plate number that I spotted while waiting at the traffic light.

That's it for week 2 of July!
Week 3 coming up! Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.


  1. I am so glad that you posted up the brownie cake that I made for you. I will try to make some food for you again. I can see that you have eaten a lot of delicious food. I am not just your follower, I can be your friend if you want. :)



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