Tuesday, August 21, 2012

4th Week of July


Yes sweetie pie? :)

Guilty pleasure; Mac's Walnut cheesecake.

❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ 

Food for the day. Named and drew by wardrobe babe, Atiqah! xD

LOTD: Sleek ponytail.

Drawing by AD (Art Director), Dhany.

And this by me!
Power Malik!

Went to Ichiban Boshi with some of the cast @ NEX.

Watch I ordered online! Damn, the shipping is really expensive!

❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ 

Ah! Can't take it, why is Bui Bui so cute?

Woke up like super early in the morning! Before the sun even came out for filming at NYGH.


Van specially for us.

Blueberry cheesecake at Starbucks.

Next filming location that day was at:

Art department: Xandra and Randy - too tired. Hahahaha

Poodle and Yee Wei, the director! LOL


Went to chill at Scape's Raindrops after filming.

Super awesome Crème brûlée!

Cute Stitch Ezlink card sticker spotted at one of Cine's pushcart.

Saw Inez while we were walking over to take bus home.

While on the long bus ride home.

❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ 

Cute Mommy and Bui Bui!

One of the cute thing my Mom does - Raising Bui Bui in the air to say bye. LOL

Doing hair and makeup!

Went to eat with Jayley, Kenny and Sherly @ Cine's Shokudo after filming.
Super nice Tofu cheesecake.

Shots Kenny ordered while chilling at Acid Bar.

That's him and his beer mustache. ROFL

❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ ❥┅ 

Filming at a old school coffee shop @ Maude Road.
That's Oppa aka Eugene aka Producer of the movie.

Filming in progress...

Malik and Elgin goofing around~

Jessica from the Art department.

Old school style!

Aloe Vera that Tin (MUA) recommended me to buy! However, I can't seem to find it. Anyone saw this before? Do leave a comment if you did!

Drawing of the day.

Test shot: Rong from production crew.

It's Jay on the Hay! :D

Week 4 coming up! :D
Bear with me a lil before I catch up with what's happening in August! ;)


  1. What movie are you acting in?

  2. Can be found at guardian or watsons for the aloe Vera gel. In a yellow mini box.

  3. what's the template you're using for your blog?



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