Monday, August 13, 2012

August Vanity Trove + Erabelle Prestige + GIVEAWAY!!!


Was invited down by Vanity Trove to Erabelle Prestige's Beauty and the Browlogy Event, located at Vivo City.

Dropped by Daiso first for some shopping as I was way too early.

Caramel corns~

Loving how the exterior looks!

I very much dig how princessy and classy the interior looks as well! How I wish my room looked like this!

Everything there, even the furnitures shouts royalty!

The waiting area:

Heard from the marketing peeps that this vanity corner was customized! SO NAISE RIGHT!

Love the purple stripe cupboard. :D

Slippers specially for you to wear.


Cho kawaii teacups set~

A board full of good comments on their services.

Honey Citron Tea + the awards they've won.

Here’s a short introduction about Erabelle.
Erabelle simply means “Belle of the era”, an iconic beauty whose look is classic and timeless.
Together with the tagline, “beauty in an instant”, their wish is to make every lady beautiful 
by enhancing their natural assets with fuss-free services.
To create beauty is never out of style.

The mini sandwich is really good!

Time for my brows to transform! Here's before..

(In the progress...)

And after! :D
Very natural and fuller looking pair of brows!

With the lady who did my brows.

There was a model for Master Beatrice to work on. She literally have not much brows to begin with!

Before and After!

Then we head into the Erabrows room.
“Erabrow” is a unique form if cosmetic artistry that CUSTOMISES the shape of your eyebrow and colour accordingly to your faceshape using their specialised softstroke technique. 
Eyebrows of perfect shape, and colour that will help enhance your eyes and bring out your individuality.

Getting some of the dye onto the special tool.

Start of an art~

Tadaaaa~ End product! Very natural I feel! Tempted to do?

Ladies get to enjoy 50% off their services with a voucher included with all purchases of August troves.
Additionally, you girls readers can also enjoy 10% off services when y'all quote "Hayley VanityTrove". :D

And Purchase of August edition is still available, in limited stocks at $30 at this revised link. ;)

Picture time with some of the fellow bloggers who attended the event.
Miyake, Celestina and I.

Instragrammed these.

Borrowed Celestina my camera to camwhore. xD

Celestina, Claire and I.


And of course, how can I miss Me, myself and I out. :P

Polaroids ~

Credits to Claire for taking this photo for me.

Finally, a group photo to end the event!

Went shopping with the babes~ After that, headed down to Newton Circus for some supper.

Ate only a bit plus a bowl of very nice Cheng Tng that Celestina recommended.

The food that they ordered. The girls can really eat man!

Was my first time hanging out with them. Pretty interesting I must say!

Le dog that I saw when I came back home.

Time to open up both my Troves! *Excited*

First box contains goodies from Erabelle!

Essential tools to have the perfect brows.

The bag was customized as well! So thoughtful of them.

Discount voucher specially for me! :D

5 boxes of....

... Brows pencils! :D

Next box: August Vanity Trove.

Samples of Sampar's:

  • Poreless Magic Peel
  • Equalizing Foam Peel
  • Glamour Shot


Scottish Fine Soaps Company Body Milk + Bath and Shower Gel.

BRAND'S Innershine Prune Plus Essence and Grape Seed Extract.

Last but not least, Bioré 's makeup remover oil for eyes and lips.

I’ll be giving away 4 Erabelle’s eyebrow pencil to 4 lucky readers!


Simply LIKE my FB Page and leave a comment there:

I want to own one of the Erabelle's eyebrow pencil in dark brown!

May the odds be ever in your favour.


  1. Hi Hayley!
    This is Elrica..I went to Erabelle prestige too the one near Dhoby Ghout!

    Both places are beautiful! and u look damn gorgeous babe!!

    1. Haha IKR! :D Love the way they design their interior and furnishings.
      Aww, thank you! You're too sweet!

  2. omg! I want to win please...I love Erabelle!!!

  3. hayley , i live in indonesia can i join your giveaway?

    1. Sorry dear! This one only for people living in Singapore! Perhaps in the future I can do an international giveaway! :D

  4. I want to own one of the Erabelle's eyebrow pencil in dark brown!
    PS: you're so pretty! prefer you with darker hair!


    1. Haha, thank you. BTW, you're suppose to post it on my FB page, not here. :) It doesn't count if you post it here!



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