Sunday, August 26, 2012

Haraju-cute Blogger Launch @ Wheelock


Filming at Bedok HDB area.
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Dolled myself up and off I go to Wheelock for the  Haraju-Cute's event which was held at Sun and Moon, a very nice ambience Japanese restaurant on the 3rd level.

If you're an avid fan of the popular Japanese makeup style, BE EXTREMELY HAPPY! 

Guardian have launched the Haraju-Cute concept featuring exclusive Japanese cosmetics!

Conceptualized to reach out to ladies who like variety and favour Japanese trends, the counters offer a wide range of products to achieve all sorts of Japanese-inspired styles, be it the popular cutesy kawaii expression, the avant garde look, or even cosplay-influenced makeup.
Not only do they carry makeup, they also have a pool of body mists and skin care products available at the counters.
Harajuku is renowned for its eclectic mish-mash of street fashion which melds design styles from prominent local and international brands with elements from both popular Japanese and Western cultures. Staying true to its namesake and with the aim to capture the colours of Harajuku, Guardian's Haraju-Cute concept brings forth the quirky dynamism of this unique Japanese style scene into the cosmetics arena for customers in Singapore. 
Taking the lead from the trendy Harajuku culture and fashion enclave in Tokyo, these distinctly decorated  Haraju-Cute counters carry 15 exclusive cult brands such as:
I'm sure you are no stranger to these brands if you're a huge fan of Japanese makeup! 
Spotted your favourite brand yet? ;)

First thing first, I was handed a very cute cream patent handbag with all the goodies in it! 

Plus this attached to the front of the bag! HOW CUTE and THOUGHTFUL IS IT - a personalized Manga version of Hayley! :D

Loadsa Japanese makeup for us to play with!

And the food............. Was so delicious! Love love love the Unagi with egg! Cho oishii~

Mango with prawn tempura was pretty good as well!
Least favourite was the avocado with prawn. xD But the prawn was really fresh!

Macha ice cream as dessert.

Moving to the cosmetics.......
No name stranger to the world of make-up, Mr Larry Yeo, the maestro of makeup was invited down to the event to teach us how to use the Japanese products and turn ourselves into a Gyaru. 
P.S. Larry have won Elle Singapore’s prestigious Makeup Artist of the Year award in 2009 and is now one of Singapore's highly regarded gurus!
Here's Larry sprinkling his magic on the model of the day, Kelly.

In addition, she was there to demonstrate to us how to put on the Automatic Beauty (AB) Mezical Eyelid Fibre. (Sorry for the unclear photo!)

Japan's No. 1 double eyelid tape, also endorsed by Taiwan makeup guru, Kevin 老师 from 女人我最大~
No idea how to start? Here's the steps! (Plus the pricing of these babies if you're interested to get them.)

AB Double Eye Liquid - $17.90.

BONAVOCE is the official brand of mascaras and eyeliners produced by Saeko Dōkyū, an active model in Japan's fashion industry, TV personality and actress in Japan.
Here's the Ultra Volume mascara - $25.90

Premium Liquid Eyeliner (extra black) - $19.90

Now, it's time for BrigitteTheir tagline: Girls be romantic.
Oh gosh, Rola (face for Brigitte) is so pretty! She is a Japanese fashion model, TV personality and singer, best known for her appearances in popular Japanese magazine, ViVi.

Romantic Lip Gloss - $18.90

Romantic Eyeshadow Palette - $26.90
Here are some swatches for you.

Eyebrow Duo Pencil & Powder - $24.90
Romantic False Eyelash - $22.90

Glamourous Volume Mascara - $26.90

Up next;

Eyebrow Concealer - $19.90

Cream Cheek - $18.90
Check out the sparkles!

Swatch for the blushers.

Blush - $23.90

Love & Peace Makeup Base - $22.90
Review: Skin feels super smooth!! According to the packaging, it is mineral oil free, have got SPF 20 PA ++ UV protection and 10 types of moisturizing ingredients that helps to refine uneven skin and sebum control for long lasting makeup.

While we were snapping photos away, Larry was busy doing Kelly's makeup and sharing tips with us.


Some tips from Larry himself;
  • Highlighting is quite important as it gives an illusion of 3D-ness. I would normally highlight my T-Zone (forehead and nose bridge) and my cupid's bow.
  • For the eyelid fibre, it's best to apply as the first step, before your primer/foundation/concealer etc, so that it will adhere to your eyelid and last longer. If 1 tape isn't enough, don't be afraid to add another on top of it! ;)
  • For mascara, if you want clumpy-less lashes, take the mascara wand and dab the excess on a piece of tissue first before applying. If you want super long lashes, try layering them! But you do have to wait a tad while for the previous coat to semi-dry before doing so.
  • False lashes wise, try not to blow to make the glue dry up faster as there bacteria from your mouth will transfer to the glue. You do not want to have a sore eye because of this! Just apply a thin layer of glue and wait for it to turn semi-dry.
  • For those who apply lower lashes, just stick them slightly below your lash line and give a light push while sticking.
  • Apply lip gloss from the center of your lip going outwards. For the pouty lips, try dabbing a light/nude colour.
  • Lastly! While removing your eye makeup, please just press the cotton pad (which is soak with makeup remover) on your eyelid for at least 10 seconds. Let the remover do its thing by dissolving the residues and swipe in downwards.

Time for photo spam!
Thank you to Lorraine and Ren Min for inviting me to the event. :D
Lorraine was also the one who picked me to represent Skin79 for their whitening line skincare last year!

Pretty Evonne who was seated on my right. Can you believe it that she is actually married?!?! O_O

Nadia who was seated on my left. xD
Also tried helping her to stick on the falsies.

Esther babe! Her hair makes me misses mine..

Gorgeous Sarah!

Sweetie Clara. Love her RED hair! BOOMZ~

Claire babe! Been seeing her quite frequently at events!

Here's one grabbed from Esther's blog.

Chantana, Hayley and Jones.

Jones! Love her blonde hair. Wish I've got the courage to go blonde.

Verlyn and I plus Jones' peace sign. LOL

Hayley, Esther and Wendy.

Shall end off the event with a group photo of Wendy, Nadia, Esther, Hayley, Larry, Evonne and Claire.
Photo grabbed from Esther's blog.

After the event, drove down straight to Clarke Quay to meet up with the peeps.
Jayley almost got me into a car accident. Thinking about it makes my heart beats... *terror*


With Atiqah, X, Mae, Jay on the Hay.

Twin forever~ Loves

Joined them for a round of Party World after chilling at Shuffle.

With Mae.

The three of us.

C came fetch me at 4plus in the morning @ Zirca and off we went to Mustafa's CMK to satisfy his cravings for:

Shall end this uber long blog post with a uber chio photo of yours truly.............. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! :P

.... And the goodies I've received from Haraju-Cute! (Only manage to tried some out) :D
  1. The Rose of Versailles Oscar & Rosalie Face Mask - $8.90
    Review: It's not your usual watery mask! It's a mask soaked with serum! My skin feels very silky and refreshed the next day!
  2. BONAVOCE Ultra Volume mascara - $25.90
  3. The Rose of Versailles Lady Oscar Creamy Pencil Eyeliner (Black) - $25.90
  4. AVANCÉ Joli et Joli et Liquid Eyeliner (Brown) - $22.90
  5. Brigitte Romantic False Top Eyelash (No.1 Chiffon) - $22.90
  6. Brigitte Romantic False Bottom Eyelash (No.6 Flare) - $22.90
  7. Diamond Beauty Nose Makeup (Matt) - $24.90
  8. Diamond Beauty Cream Cheek (Strawberry Pink) - $18.90
  9. Automatic Beauty (AB) Mezical Fibre Double Eyelid Tape (60 pieces) - $27.90
  10. Brigitte Romantic Lip Gloss (PK-1) - $18.90

Also, do keep your eyes peeled for the Haraju-Cute counters at these stores:
  • 313 @ Somerset
  • Anchorpoint
  • Ang Mo Kio Central
  • Bedok Central
  • Causeway Point
  • Centrepoint Basement
  • City Square Mall
  • City Link
  • Clementi Mall
  • Compass Point
  • Great World City
  • Holland Shopping Centre
  • Hougang Mall
  • IMM
  • International Plaza
  • Ion Orchard
  • Jurong Point
  • Kallang Leisure Park
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Northpoint
  • Paragon
  • Parkway
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Raffles City
  • Raffles Place MRT
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre
  • Serangoon NEX
  • Suntec City Mall
  • Tampines Century Square
  • Toa Payok Blk 190
  • United Square
  • Vivo City

You may check their FB page out for more photos about their products!

Hope you guys learnt something and enjoyed reading this super long post!
See you guys again soon! n__n v

P.S. Winners for the Erabelle's eyebrow pencils will be revealed in the next post.


  1. Wow :) Its an eye opening for me to see the make up kit and all that. You are very pretty with all that make up. I will check it out on the facebook page for more information. By the way, Why Jayley block me from commenting on her blog ? I still have yet to find out the answer. I am quite upset with her now. Maybe you can help me to ask her why she did that to me. Anyway, all the photos are nice :)

    1. Haha, thank you sweetie. :) I've helped you ask Jayley and she said she didn't block you at all! Perhaps there's something wrong with the commenting system?

  2. Thank you for helping me to ask her. I think there is something wrong with the commenting system :(

  3. you're so kawaii~~~~
    that's a gorgeous collection!



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