Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last few days of filming


Went to X's house for a swim, together with Jayley.
Saw this Ayam Brand's Salmon spread. Oh gosh, I used to always eat this in secondary school. Yumms!

Decided to go for supper after our swim. I know I know, totally defeat the purpose of exercising right! :X

Shared a bowl of Ayam Laksa w X and Jayley plus 2 slicies of my favourite kaya + butter toast from Old Town.
Kenny joined us for 2nd round @ Al Ameen, opposite Beauty World Shopping Center.

He order briyani too!

X's tissue prata, Jayley and mine Roti John.
This one didn't taste as good as the one I ate while we were filming! Our PA(s) always get the nicest food!


No ears Bui Bui! This always happen when we squat down, wanting to pet him. SO DAMN CUTE!

Filming a bus scene.

Meet Mr Malik! Sometimes, he's up and......

... Sometimes, he's down! LOL

Well, sometimes he's just outside making funny faces! xD

Camera standing by!


My part was done but I followed them and we proceeded to Sims Ave for some durian scenes!

I was sooooooooo excited cos I finally get to eat some durians! :D
Mable bought us durians! n__n

Check out the size of this one. Almost half the size of my face!

 Followed Julie and Maybelle for more food @ BBQ Box.

Got each of them to post with their favourite stick of food.

Some of the food that we ordered. Love the 金針菰 and corn!

Julie and Jayley with fatty in their hands. LOL


The food was super nice. Thanks to Julie's recommendation!

Jayley was the one that treated us! xD

Went back and took loadsa photos with the crew before we head home.

Director Yee Wei, Conti Palomam, Script Laura, AD #1 Ai Leng, AD#2 Dhany
PM Chick, MUA #1 Shireen, MUA #2 Tin, Camera-man Derrick, Camera-assistant Shawn
Grip Malik, Production assistant Nadia, Lighting Ben, Art Randy, Art Xandra
Soundman #2 Julius, Maybelle (Julie's PA), Location Mable, Location Alvin, Wardrobe


Was our last day of filming. T_T

Photo with the some of the cast:
Daren, Kelvin, Alvin
Kenny, Alex, X

Photo with the crews, people working behind the scenes! Blogging this makes me miss them even more......

Dinner with SHJK @ Bugis' Ma Maison.

Salads~ Been hooked on to eating salads recently!

My yummy-but-quite-a-big-portion Omu rice!

Jayley's Squid spaghetti~

Both Sherly and Kenny ordered the same dish: some very tasty chicken.

Time for desserts - a slice of Mixed fruit tart.

And some froyo goodness!

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I misses the cast and the crews already... 
Someone quickly organize a KTV gathering!

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