Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Night @ Cineleisure


Adorable Bui Bui napping.

Went to nua with him on the floor too. xD Hahahaha

I love him sooooo much!

Head down to Cine and bought movie tickets for Total Recall.
C spent 6 bucks @ Level 9's Prize Stage and caught this super kawaii Hello Kitty. Though not really a fan of Hello Kitty, but this is tooooo cute!

Movie timing was 2.10am.
Since we had a lil more time and C was hungry, went supper @ Hong Kong Cafe.

菠蘿包, 汤圆 and fermented pork with curry mee.

Movie ended at around 4am +.
Kate Beckinsale is super hot!

Joined his friends for some K-box.


Jagabee from Tokyo and Yakult from Korea.

Cheng Tng @ Newton Circus Hawker as supper.

Lots of 6! :P

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