Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2nd Week of August


C got up early in the morning to get me (one of my favourite) breakfast from his house's hawker:
Glutinous Rice AKA 糯米饭.

Chicken rice balls for him along Jalan Besar.

 ☆   12082012

Chilled out night with Jayley, Julie, X and Jerry @ Valle.

One of my shoes strap broke while walking there. :(

US! :D

Crazy girls....

☆  ☆   

It's Bui Bui time!

Instagrammed this~ Follow me there!

And the following is what he will normally do whenever he see us holding food in our hands.

Head out to Outram MRT early in the morning for a 2 hours of shoot for our movie's director's short competition film.

Spot Aileng, Director Yee Wei and Laura! :D

Here's one for Chick. ;)

That's the main lead for that short horror film! A really pretty Japanese girl.

With two of the Japanese crews. I was so flattered when that lady recognized me from Nth' magazine. xD
Always feel very honoured and elated whenever I hear Japanese praising my appearance. HAHA
*Cheap thrills*

A tad chubby me.

Met C up and this was the dinner he made for his family and I. I helped with the mushroom soup and made the steamed fish okays? HAHAHA


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