Friday, September 14, 2012

3rd Week of August


Reminded me of  filming days....

Went to meet Mian at Vivo's Marché for some coffee and chit-chat.
Her lemon grass tea and my yummy hot chocolate.

Some interesting kitchenware we saw at Francfranc (level 2, near GV).

Love the Dress Teaspoon's intricate designs!

Would definitely wish to purchase a sofa like this in the future. Victorian style baby!

Waited for C to come pick me up and together, we headed down to Sentosa to meet up with my parents for dinner @ Feng Shui Inn.

Love the green stem veg!

The meat was a tad too tough.

Zomg, this is DA BOMB!

One of my favorite dessert ever; Mango sago.

Jayley joined us for while and she ordered this: Bird nest egg tarts. And 3 of them cost 6 bucks altogether.


Chips C got back from Australia.

Bowling @ Planet Bowl (Civil Service Club).
Round 1.

Round 2.

C is really quite good in bowling! He used to be in the school captain for his JC bowling team.

Went to Bugis's 四马路 to 拜拜。
Window shopping @ Bugis+ (formerly known as Iluma).

Dinner with C and his parents @ Mustafa's CMK.

Disappointed in the egg. -.-
Sometimes it's really watery but sometimes it's like this:

MRT-ed and met these guys up!

Party world-ed till 2am. Always nice to meet new friends.

BBQ chicken wings @ Clarke Quay.


My latest addition of Geneva's watch from the States.

Check out Bui Bui's cute face! HAHAHA! Ain't he adorable? :D

Precious fluff of balls.

Then he got tired...

Tried this foot mask out and the results is similar to Baby's Feet (Japan)! :D
You may get it in SaSa for 5 bucks. Cheaper and something you can buy from a store near you.



  1. Hi babe, did you dyed your hair jet black? Is it easy to go back brown again?

    1. Yes I did. Well, I have no idea as I haven't tried! xD

  2. Alright thanks a lot babe anyway:)



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