Friday, September 07, 2012

Busy Day In Town: Maybelline Lashionista @ Zouk


Spent the whole day in town.
Started the day off with brunch @ Mandarin Gallery's Wild Honey.

Hungry Hayley is an angry Hayley.

C with his Cappuccino and Sweet Morning.

Mine: European Eggs Benedict with Mushroom Prosciutto.

Check out the goodness beneath....

Met Jayley up after the brunch @ Far East Plaza.
Love it whenever they sell those snacks you can hardly find in stores.

Wanted to buy this pair of $10 shades but Jayley said it was too big for my face. :/

Drove to Newton and takeaway a packet of noodles for mommy.

Satisfied our stingray cravings as well.

Went back home to prepare for Maybelline's Lashionista launch @ Zouk.
Was at the entrance and saw Gillian and Xiaxue. Managed to grab a photo with her!

Never thought that an event like that will get Zouk so packed!

Sheena babe!

Beautiful Sarah and her friend. :)

Saw Freda babe there too as well!

Love Evonne's ombre hair!

Sweetie pie Clara.

Goofy Clara, happy Hayley and cutie Silver.

Host of the night, Rozz from 987 FM.

Mini fashion show with a wide variety of clothing from various well-known blogshops.

Jamie Teo, winner of NPNF2011 spotted! xD

Golden Tan AKA Michelle Chong was there as well!

Makeup maestro, Mr Larry Tan was there to demonstrate of how convenient the eye shadows were.

Another fashion runaway. Spotted my friend, Nessa!

Mid interval entertainment: some guy doing hip-hop power moves.

Super pretty lights~

Finally a decent shot of the models.

Brilliant idea to include some hot bods for the fashion show. LOL

End of the fashion show~

Clara, Jacelyn, Silver, Claire and I.

Managed to grab one with Minyi and Nessa babe!

Went to the VIP area with Evonne and her friends for some housepour before we make our way out.

Don't you feel that this photo quite clubbing-ish? No idea how it was achieved too! xD

Sheryl came and look for me at Zouk. Hung around for a few songs before we head down to Zirca.
I was feeling really awkward that whole night!

Looking back at this photo, I have no idea how we managed to squeeze past through so many people and get to the front stage area.

That's Dee Kosh in the house.

Tipsy 16 years old Caucasian leaning on me all the time while dancing. xD

That night was super impromptu! No idea who they are as well. Just randomly snapped a photo. xD

Together with Sherly and her friend, Michelle. Both of them can really dance like a snake man!

Alrights, that's about all for that night.

Here are the goodies I've gotten!

So sorry that I left my blog un-updated for a week!
Come back for more posts okays? :D
Don't leave me just yet!

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