Saturday, September 08, 2012

Movie Review: Ted

Thanks to OMY, got to watch this super hilarious and entertaining movie even before it was out in the cinemas.

Some shots from the movie that I personally find it cute and interesting!
A song they sing whenever they hear thunder...
When you hear the sound of thunder don't you get too scared
Just grab your thunder buddy and say these magic words
F*** you thunder you can suck my d***
You can't get me thunder cause you're just gods farts.

And when Ted keep doing illegal stuffs to get himself fired but ended up getting promoted. LOL

Totally and literally LOL when John lists off the "white-trash names" with an impressive speed!
In case you wanna try it, here's the list:
Mandy Marilyn Britney Tiffany Candice 
Brandy Heather Channing Brianna Amber Sabrina Melanie Dakota Sierra Bambi Crystal Samantha Autumn Ruby Taylor Tara Tami Laura Shantelle Courtney Misty Jenny Christa Mindy Noel Shelby Triny Reba Cassandra Nikki Kelsey Shawna Jolene Earlene Claudia Savannah Casey Dolly Kendra Colleen Chloe Becky 
Brandy-lynn Heather-lynn Jamie-lynn F***

Mark Wahlberg is truly a perfect comedic actor.
Overall, I really really love movies of this sort! Despite the vulgarity, they were what that makes it so funny!
Go catch it if you haven't! Don't miss out!

Here's the trailer if you're keen to watch this!

Enjoy the movie! 

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