Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Received an AWESOME Present!

Am currently in KL (while you're reading this), waiting to start filming for a Malaysian drama.
Will be there all the way till December.
Hopefully, I would still be able to make it for the Korean trip C promised on bringing me!
That's if I finish filming before that. xD
Gonna miss blogging, Singapore, my family, Bui Bui, #stitchies, friends, Singapore food etc.
Will try to update my blog as often as possible. Hope that there will be Wifi for me to use!


A monthsary gift from C! All the way from New York~ :P

It's the Mia 2!

Ate with his family @ Suntec. My dinner:

And his unhealthy one. :P

Have I told y'all how much I love to eat bread?! Especially toast!

C also bought some bwa hwa from 美真香。
Yumms~ Looking at this makes me hungry...

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