Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wrap Party! 杀青晚宴


Breakfast of the day.

A type of fruit I really like to snack on. Too heaty though. :P

On the way to Mid View City for a casting. C was sweet to accompany me.
Thanks for waiting 1.5 hours for me!

Awesome Rojak-goodness @ Old Airport Hawker.

Back at C's place and tadaaaaaa: Photobooth selcas~




After a while, C sent me to Joo Chiat's House of Seafood for our movie wrap's dinner! :D

Goodness! Looking at this photo makes my tummy tumble already!

I love this two girls. XOXO

With some of the main cast: Jayley, Julie, Kelvin and Daren.

Daren, Sherly + Jay on the Hay. :D
LOL at Daren's expression.

The trios plus our dance instructor/cheoreographer, DT.
Darren's face super funny in the bottom row! XD

Super cute photo of Julie and Kelvin. *Pouts* :3

J, X, J, D, K and S.

1st: Xandra, Jay on the Hay.
2nd: Paloma, Hayley and Julie
3rd: Nadia, Hayley, (sneak peak of Chick) and Qi An.

Derrick enjoying his beer. xD

Because I took photo with almost everyone that night, there's too many to post up one by one.
Did an enlargeable collage! :D

Whole gang proceed to Shuffle after dinner to support Kenny and Jiaqing who were performing that night.
Was a night that I won't forget. Kinda my first time getting tipsy and 'emo-drunk'. Well, not exactly emo-nemo, just that the whole filming was an experience I wouldn't forget.

Clapper-Qi An, high-Hayley, blinked-Kelvin, small-eyes-Daren and boom-mic-Julius.

A photo with twinney after I cried. LOL

 Sherly babe!

Thank you girls for taking care of me that night.
Lots of love to Jone, Sherly, Christina and Chick.

Even though I was a tad tipsy, I still manage to spot Arrian babe! Knew each other from Vaunt. xD

They even took a video of me when I was talking and crying non-stop! ROFL

Nuff of the sobbing photos. LOL
Can't wait for the movie to premiere! :D
Will update you guys when I know the date. n__n


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