Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Been a while since I last blogged!

Well, reason being (for those who haven't already know), I'm currently filming a 20 episodes Malaysian idol drama here in KL! :D
Love being productive though it's kinda tiring.
Sad and good thing is that my role is the female MAIN lead.
Which means, I have got A LOT of lines to say.
Good because it's a different market entirely and whole new experience for me.
Acting is a new found love, though there's still a long way for me if I truly wanna be an actress.
After acting along side with Julie Tan and my sister in , this would be counted as my 2nd time acting + 1st time getting a role as big as the MAIN girl of the drama. As in, everything revolves mostly around me. LOL
Sad because of my STM + nerves. Once the director shout "ACTION!", everything that I've memorized for, gone! Just like that. Sighs~
Trying to change that and be more confident.
Want the story to flow smoothly and not F up cos of my lousy acting. :/
Going to Redang Island on the 6th! Can't wait~ But at the same time, I'm so going to get myself tan. :(
Vicious sun, please spare me alive.

Time to sleep. Gonna go through my lines once more before that.
Call time at 12pm later!
Good because I've been waking up at 6plus am in the morning for a few days already. :P
Please don't miss me too much! Will try to update if I have more time!


  1. 加油! All the best to you :) I miss you a lot.

  2. Hye hayley,, I'm one of ur big fan ^^ can I ask a favor from u,, just want to promote our dance group, can u take a picture with a piece of small paper that written "The4Saken" on it? that was my group name,, If u don't want that's ok ^^ Thanks for reading, take care ^^

    1. Goodness, just saw this comment! Do you still want the fansign?
      Where can I send you the picture after I'm done taking it?

    2. Yes please heheh,, u can post in here or facebook, later I will edit it and make it like a fansign from many people heheh,,

  3. Gambateh~!!^^i've watched this drama on 8tv and it's nice...every actor and actress plays their role the way can't catch every episode for every week,gonna stay at other state to further study(couldn't watch tv T.T).btw keep it up!!awaiting for your next drama...:)

    1. Thank you Kyra for supporting! :D
      You can catch the drama on as well!



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