Sunday, November 11, 2012

November in a wink

With a bat of an eyelid, November is already here, which also means we are nearing the end of 2012.

Am really thankful as 2012 have been quite a fruitful and productive year for me.

Got to act in a local Chinese movie named alongside with my twin, Jayley, Julie Tan and Daren Tan. Of course we have Kelvin, Kenny and Jiaqing too as the main cast.
Never thought that I would have a chance to act. Acting is something really new to me, only learnt the basics through this boot camp that the director had signed us up for.
Really have to thank Jayley for this. She was the one that saw the casting on FB and went for the first round of auditions. Director and producer later found out that she had a twin, so I was asked to go to the 2nd round of casting with her. Sung 2 songs and we were confirmed on the spot!
Filming was so fun and an eye opener for me! Finally had the chance to experience how is it like to be in front of the camera and what's happening behind the scenes.
Studying Mass Communications sure did help a thing or two.

Second big thing that happened to me;
As a main female lead in a Malaysian idol (20 episodes) drama series.
Come on, an idol series! 偶像剧好不好! Plots that makes all girls go "Aww~" whenever you watch those Taiwanese and Korean soap operas, wishing you're the female lead, meeting your handsome and rich Prince Charming.
Chances like this don't come knocking twice. Even though I was afraid and wondered if I have the capabilities to be the female lead, I just had to grab it man!
Although this role came quite unexpectedly and I was caught unprepared, I really did enjoy this whole journey!
Not a fan of outdoor activities or the sun for that matter, but through this drama, I got to go to Redang Island to shoot. My god, the water there is so blue I fell in love the moment I was there. Not Maldives-blue but hey, it's good enough!
Because my character in the drama love diving so much, I got to try scuba-diving, something that I would love to try out but never had the time, chance or courage to!
The underwater world is really a sight to behold. It's as if you are watching those documentaries on Nat Geographic!
Got to ate quite a lot of nice local delicacies too!
Their dry Bak Ku Teh is DA BOMB man!

Filming for a movie in Singapore and a drama in Malaysia, the experiences is really quite different!
Only took a month plus to wrap for a movie since it's just gonna be an hour or two long, whereas for a 20 episodes long drama, three months is needed.
There's a lot of repetition in a drama as they require more variety of different shots.

Sorry that I haven't been updating my blog for the past few months!
Have to wake up at around 5am almost everyday in the morning to prepare and be punctual for my call time, and whenever I reach my apartment at night, it's already 11plus. Dead beat, but still get myself prepared and read the scripts for the next day.
Not that I'm complaining about this lifestyle, I'm actually quite liking it!
Very productive! Me likey!
Now my bio-clock is so use to waking up early, I automatically wake up at 8am even when I don't set alarms.

Will be back in Singapore for a short 3 days break, 9-12 November.
Filming will be wrapping in early December!
Will be updating more often by then!
Still owe many advertorials! Thank you my dear sponsors for understanding.

Till then, take care guys!
Thanks for coming back to my blog even though I haven't been updating regularly! You guys are the best!

Below are some photos I've took over the months.

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Some local newspaper articles about our drama!

Been eating way too much there~

Thai dinner~
Portobello mushroom burger + salad + truffle fries.

Melting Pot = Hot choco with mini marshmellows~

What I tried to eat every single morning!

Warm choco cake from KLCC's Coffee Bean.

Especially love this! Japan Combo from Snowflake

Krispy Kreme donuts~

Bought 12 Japanese luxury Mochis! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Fried rice + curry chicken + super sweet red tea.

Black and white mochis from Fresh meet Fresh. 

Longest Tissue prata I've ever seen.

Random lunch from MMU's cafeteria.

Time for Bak Ku Teh!

Frigging love this dry one!  

Filming in progress on a fine sunny day!

Cute security bike in the mall.

Invited to this event:


  1. I love all the photos :) Good luck for your filming for the Malaysian Idol Drama. 加油! :) I hope to see you soon. Take care Hayley :)

    1. Hwaiting! Thank you Celine, take care too!

    2. No Problem :) I will take care. Hwaiting!

  2. Hi Hayley, you look pretty in every your photos.You seem to look prettier :)

  3. Did you pluck teeth before putting braces?

    1. Nope! Didn't have any wisdom tooth at all.

  4. Ohh! So good! I need to pluck as I got an overjet.



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