Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Wow, been a month plus since I last updated my blog! Kinda miss blogging life.
Been in Kuala Lumpur since 19th of September for a Malaysian 20 episode idol drama (ha, that's long), and back in Singapore on the 11th of December. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have known that I've been back twice in between too. Though the distance isn't far, but I definitely missed my bed, home, family and my lovely BuiBuiWoo while working in Malaysia.

Anyway, first post back and I'm here to share with you guys 3 awesome beauty products that I've gotten while working there! If you're into fairer, whiter and clear skin, do give Cathy Doll a shot! :D

The products that I've got:
Egg Soap (AHA+Egg White & Red Clay) 

Can I tell you how much I love this 2 cute soaps?! 
Especially the white one! 
I'm always having trouble getting rid of the blackheads on my nose, but I've got nothing to worry anymore!
Thanks to the Egg White and AHA soap, it totally helped to remove the excess oil on my face and the blackheads on my nose. 
White the Egg White soap cleanses and whitening my skin at the same time, the Egg Shell soap that is made of red clay, reduces my pore size. After using it, my skin feels super clean and 'squeaky', in a good way of course.

Here's how it really look. Digging the packaging! SO CUTE.
Oh, did I mention how awesome they smell?

And here's how my face looks after ONE wash.
No editing or whatsoever. Picture taken with iPhone 5's rear camera in HDR mode.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? All my blackheads gone in a snap of fingers, not kidding.

After my daily skincare routine, I would use the Whitening BB Mousse before I let my MUA do her thing for filming. As most of the time I had to be in the outdoors shooting, this product came really handy!
It's my first time using a mousse form of blemish balm.
Always thought that it will be very messy, but I'm proven otherwise when I tried this.
Though it feels a tad sticky (think it's because of the high SPF), it glides on smoothly on my skin!

As for the Blink Blink Whitening Snow Mask, you can read more about it on Tammy's blog.
Good thing about it is that your skin will instantly brighten and whiten after you apply it on your body and wait for 3 minutes before you rinse it off; It smells fantastic; Your skin will feel damn smooth; The whitening effects can last for up to 3 days without reapplying.

Bad thing is that your skin will look patchy if you never apply the mask evenly and it's kinda temporary, doesn't really last forever! But hey, that's good enough! At least for me. ;)

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Hope you guys misses me, cos I honestly do miss replying comments!
So feel free to flood / spam me with them!


  1. Ok. Wow :) Your skin really looks beautiful and radiant. Why you never wish me happy birthday on 7 November ? It makes me sad. Anyway, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Take care in Korea and All the best! :)



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