Saturday, January 26, 2013

3 boxes of Haraju-Cute Goodies!

Hello dearies!
Received a total of 3 boxes of Haraju-Cute goodies from the past few months, and now Imma share with you guys what I've got.

Read about Box 1.

Box 2's theme is all about having big alluring eyes.

Digging the Bonavoce's Ultra Volume Mascara ($25.90) as it's really easy to remove. All you need is warm water!
Also, this mascara unique wand helps to create thick lashes without those disgusting clumps.
It's pretty resistant to sweat and water - a good thing if you're girls that cry easily. xD

As for the Mezical Fiber eyelid tapes, I haven't exactly master them.
Always ended up losing my patience. HAHAH
But for those who are keen to try, here are some steps to follow if you want that thick and perfect double eyelids!

Box 4: Shine like a DIAMOND.

Poster that came along. Can't help but admire the beauty of this Japanese onna! Subarashii~

How CHIO is this box!


  • Diamond Blush in Dolly Pink - $23.90
  • Diamond Cream Cheek in Baby Pink - $18.90
  • Diamond Cream Shadow in Pink Gold - $14.90

Photo on the left is taken under white light while the photo on the right is taken with my camera's flash.
Swatched it in the same format of the photo above.
Love the cream eyeshadow the most! Super glittery and smooth!

Moving on to the latest box I've received TODAY!
Box 5Ulitmate Cleansing Solution!

Love to receive products like this! Is like when you open the box, it's so pretty and tend to appeal more to me!

So what exactly did I receive?

  • Orp Tokyo Moist Cleansing Oil (120ml) - $31.90
  • Orp Tokyo Natural Peeling (200g) - $34.90
  • Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask - $5.90 per sheet

If you need help in removing dead skin and find that Cure Natural Aqua Gel is too expensive for you, why not try this out?
When I applied this product on my skin and started rubbing away, I was utterly disgusted by the amount of dead skin I have.
It also claims to:

  • Whiten and tighten pores as it cleanse the skin
  • Dissolve excess sebum
  • Delivers moisturizing ingredients that are 10 times more powerful than Hyaluronic Acid (anti-oxidant properties).

Recommended by Jun Komori, a popular model of magazine Pop Sister and TV personality in Japan, this mask is decked with special active ingredients:

  • Pearl extracts; Helps to intensively hydrate the skin.
  • Platinum essence; Brighten and restore skin vitality.
  • Syn-ake; Excellent anti-winkle properties.
Also, when I tried on the mask, I find it stay on better to my skin compared to those normal cotton masks.

Alright, that's about all the products I've got!
Do let me know if you guys have tried any of these brands out and if it's good or not. ;)



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