Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alternative way of loosing that stubborn fats

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Truth to be told, ever since I've gotten back from KL, I've put on more weight than ever.
I'm probably at the fattest stage of my life ever since I was born.
I'm sure if you're a girl, you will probably want to look best and feel confident right?
The most part of gaining weight equals to having more cellulite which I dread!

What's Cellulite?

  • A term used to describe the dimpled appearance of skin produced by fat deposits that are just below the surface of the skin and is most commonly found around the thighs, buttocks, hips and sometimes abdomen.
  • The fat deposits are separated by strands of collagen fibers. The break-down of these strands combined with accumulation of fat beneath the skin, cause the fat cells to bulge out, creating the orange peel-like appearance on the skins surface. 
  • Factors such as genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle and even clothing may contribute to cellulite. Although it is found in both men and women, cellulite is far more common among the female population.
Yes, blame it on my lack of determination and always giving in to yummy food temptation!
But no worries, help is on my way

LOTD on 7th of January.

Booked an appointment with ONLYaesthetics. Headed down to their Dhoby Ghaut branch.

Upon chatting with their manager, Tracy, and confiding in her with my worries, she decided that to let me undergo Venus Freeze for both my thighs.

Wondering what's Venus Freeze?
  • A non-invasive treatment that combines Radio Frequency (RF) and Magnetic Pulses into a technology called (MP)². 
  • Has the ability to access deeply, comfortably, and safely into the skin in order to achieve optimum results.
  • Effective in circumference reduction, improving cellulite, skin tightening and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • Treatments are pleasantly warm, relaxing and totally painless.
  • Perfect solution to get rid of loose skin without having to go under the knife.

How Venus Freeze actually works?
  • By incorporating Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulsed Fields into one device and delivering it safely and effectively to the patient.
  • Skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction occur because the multi-polar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue which stimulates the body`s natural healing response.
  • Restoring response causes new collagen to form, and the production of new elastin fibres.
    The active collagen in the skin contracts, causing skin to look and feel firmer and the elastin fibers unravel making the skin appear more elastic.
  • Body contouring is achieved when the temperature of the skin is elevated, the body releases stress hormones.
    These hormones pass through the blood stream, and attach themselves to specific receptors on the membrane of the fat cell in the hypodermis (the deepest layer of the skin). The stress hormone, once attached to the receptor, activates the hormone sensitive lipase – the hormone that is in charge of breaking down triglycerides into free fatty acids. The free fatty acids exit the fat cell through the blood stream, and the volume of the fat cell is thus reduced giving you a smoother, more contoured shape.
  • Venus Freeze is a pain free treatment with no downtime. It is a risk-free treatment that does not harm the skin. 
  • Venus Freeze is suitable for both male and females and is safe for all skin types.

How Venus Freeze works to get rid of cellulite?
  • An effective cellulite reduction treatment will increase collagen production, reduce fat mass and improve dermal blood circulation. 
  • Venus Freeze uniformly and intensively heats the sub dermis layer of skin where cellulite is located. The deep penetrating heat is applied to fat bundles to produce new collagen formation and stimulate blood circulation, all of which reduce the appearance of cellulite almost immediately.
'Nuff talk about all that sciences behind it.
Let's get straight to chio-er and thinner legs!

A before photo of my currently very-tiny-gap-in-between legs. T_T

If you're looking to improve your overall appearance but lack motivation to exercise or find it hard to resist yummy food to slim down, Venus Freeze helps by skin tightening.
Venus Freeze also works exceptionally well for mothers looking to eradicate post-pregnancy saggy skin .

Copied these information from their press release, some FAQs.

Is Venus Freeze right for you?
  • An experienced consultant will go over whether Venus Freeze will be right for you, in the meantime you can ask yourself some preliminary questions to consider getting the treatments done. 
  • Do you want to improve the look, feel and shape of resistant areas that do not respond to traditional exercise and diets?
  • Would you like to decreases wrinkles and obtain a fresh youthful look without the use of painful needles or complicated surgery?
  • Have you considered improving your appearance by tightening skin, circumferential reduction and decreasing  cellulite?
  • Are you looking for a non-invasive and painless approach?

Venus Freeze treatments succeed at tightening skin in the face, neck and entire body.
Many patients experience firmer skin, softening of wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.
Body treatments show reduced cellulite and a more contoured figure.

How was the process and results?

Lying on the bed, a lady walked in and started the treatment. Using the special device, she started to massage my left thigh and left butt cheek. 
It felt warm, warm enough to make me feel like the fats were melting. 
It felt relaxing, soothing enough for me to doze off to my dreamland.
After say more than half an hour, she woke me up and ask me to feel the differences between my right and left thighs, and my gosh! My left thigh instantly felt a lot tighter and slimmer, was so frigging happy! :P

Now I can't wait to go back for my 2nd treatment! :D

Straight after that, traveled down to City Square Mall for my 2nd Tokyo Bust Express treatment.
1 selca before I dozed off once again......

Nihon Mura for dinner and went to Planet Bowl  for a bowlingGOODtime! :D

Good job Hayley, you've improved! :D

Will you be interested to undergo Venus Freeze treatments?
Well if you are keen or have ANY questions at all, do drop them an email! onlyaesthetics@gmail.com



  1. U still very thin..and i think u looks prettier gaining alittle more..but either 1 u looks sweet n pretty!!XD

  2. Hi, I agree too. actually you are really thin. I saw u at the flea babe. Really friendly as well. I think u look nice and should maintain the current look!(:

    1. Hahaha I guess we always want to change for the better!
      Thank you for being so nice! :)

  3. Hi dear, when are you blogging about ur Korea trip? I am going there soon and i hope i can get some info/tips from ur korea post! Thank you!

    Stay pretty! And i love ur hair! Gonna go and do it at ur salon before heading off to korea!

    1. Hi dear! Hahaha, soon soon! :D
      Woot! My next post up will be my ombre hair!

  4. Hi dear, may I know how much is the venus freeze treatments?

    1. Hi dear, just drop an email to onlyaesthetics@gmail.com



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