Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My New Portable Charger!

As the title suggested, yes, I'm going to share with you guys which portable charger I'm currently using now!

As shown in the packaging, there's 5 ports and a cable included for you, suitable to use for charging iPhones,  Blackberries, Samsung products, MP3 and Nokia phones! How convenient right?

So I was out in town that day, my phone battery was only left with 5% - Seriously dread it when I see the battery turns red. :(
I turned on this app I downloaded. It's called the on the App Store.

Using the portable charge, it took 2 hours for me to get it fully charged to......

..... 100%! :D

Besides, the portable charge has got another function - LED Torch! (Forgotten to take a photo to show y'all! Apologies!)
If you can't seem to find your keys in your purse, turn it on and tadaaaaa~ n__n

This are some other colours available! Should have totally got the reddish-pink one! >:(



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