Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ombré Hair!!!

Hearty breakfast to start the long day off!

Loving my black Carlo Rino bag so much! Goes well with everything I wear and it's super spacious!
Made my way to:

Told Elein that I've always wanted to do ombré for the longest time.
Some photos that I've found on Instagram and was thinking about it.
Would love to do the pink one someday! But that will need a lot of bleaching man. Not ready to give that up in exchange for super damaged hair. :/

Choosing colours~
Brown for the top and violet for the bottom.
Added that I wanted some streaks of bright colours that goes well with violet.

Before transformation:

First round of dying: highlight bleaching.

After waiting, washing and blow-drying for the first time.......

Love the highlights! :D

Adding violet on top of the bleached highlights....

Some heat for the colour to get absorb faster.

While flipping through this Taiwan magazine, saw some interesting articles:
For those who doesn't understand, it's saying that by adding up your birth date, you will be able to find out what element you belong to.
For example my birth date is: 1991/12/27. 
Just add everything together: 1+9+9+1+1+2+2+7= 32. 
Then the last step: 3+2= 5.
I belong to the element of WIND!
 - Love freedom, like to think and explore, rational and care about the getting right facts. Will adapt to the surroundings, however this leads to letting others have a hard-to-figure-out impression.

If your number is 1 or 3, you belong to element Fire:
 - Highly confident,rely on your instinct to do things, believe that you will need to be successful first before you have the ability to take care others. Down side is that: Tend to get more emotional.

If your number is 6 or 8, you fall under Earth:
 - Like the feeling of security. Will base on the conditions of reality and give yourself a mark as to whether you're successful, good or not.

If your number is 2,4 or 9, you're Water.
 - Born to be emotional. Care a lot about relationships on a soul to soul level. Will give your all especially for your friends.

Another article that I find informative.
Ranking of fruits in terms of calories.
Number 1 highest in calories: DURIAN!!! (T_T) My favourite fruit! (T_T)
Followed by pear, banana, rambutan, longan, cherry, persimmon etc.

Number 1 lowest in calories: Mangoteen!

'Nuff of digressing! Back to my hair!
Treatment time! :D
This hair stuff from Taiwan SMELLS EFFING AWESOME MAN!

Hair-steaming for the products to get absorbed faster. Think of it as a spa for your locks! :D

Chio curls that I saw while flipping through! LOVES!

Also spotted a tomodachi of mine while reading...
He was the one that dyed my hair super black - Yuki Ito-san~

Time to wash the treatment off and blow-dry away!


Elein decided to give my boring straight hair some curls using this super cool hair brush + curling iron.
You may purchase this at their salon if you're interested. Cost around $200+.
Very convenient to use, helps to tame fly-aways. But the thing is, it's quite hard to get the curls out as it doesn't have the kiap-kiap like the conventional curling tongs.

Love the curls though! Very bouncy!

End results of having to sit in the same chair for 7 hours!!!
PRETTY OR WHAT!!!!!! 7 hours also super worth it man!

You will be able to see this if I section my hair into half.

How can I not camwhore after this?!

Big love to my hairstylists and Salon De Choix! :D

First meal of the day: Cha Shu ramen near Orchard Plaza.

Want a new hair colour for the new year? Head down to Salon De Choix now!
Tell them you're my reader and you're get 15% off the total bill! :D
Check their Facebook out or give them a call for more details.
Colouring of hair ranging from $159 to $189, Highlighting will be addtional of $99 to $109, depends on your hair length.




  1. Hey Hayley! Love your hair! Its gorgeous!

    Can I ask how much was rebonding and a bit of a curl at the end like the first time you went to get your hair done at the salon? Wanted to do it badly now that your reader have 15% off. Hope you can tell me the price range. Thank you!

    1. Hi there! From what I know, the prices varies depending on the length of your hair. For rebonding the prices are as followed:
      Short - $219
      Shoulder - $249
      Below shoulder - $269
      Mid back - $289
      Lower back - $319

  2. How much would it cost to do a hair colour like yours? Love the colour combi!!

    1. Hee thanks!
      The prices of hair dying depends on the length of your hair.
      Below shoulder - $139
      Mid back - $159
      Lower back - $179
      Highlight of hair will be additional of $20.

  3. o my goodness! I love the end result!!! it seems like a lot of colours going on when you flip up 1/2 your hair but it all coordinates nicely! love it love it and love it!

    1. Hee! I love it a lot too! Thank you babe! I love your bright and loud colours too! Xoxo

  4. Wow..u look prettier~haha..7 wind too~

    1. Hee thank you for your compliment! I think cos I've slimmed down!

  5. Hi hayley! Do you know how much will it cost if I'm just doing the highlights? :) And is there a deadline for the 15% off?

    1. Hi dear, maybe you would like to give the salon a call?
      Best if you do it before March. ;)

  6. Hey! I lovee yourr hair! Isit very obvious as in can be seen clearly?

    1. Thank you. Are you referring to the purple/pink streaks? Pretty obvious under the sunlight! You can see them in my Instagram photos.

  7. Yup.. im thinking bout dyeing my hair like yours since i love ombre hair but i have school.. hmmm.. so if its not under the sunlight will it still be pretty obvious?

    1. Hm.. If you do it in the inner layers, I don't think so? However, if you were to tie your hair up, yes, it will be pretty obvious.



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