Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Why the title?

That's because I've received 3 very different perfumes in the month of January 2013.

Personally, I'm not a fan of flower scents.
People who understands me, will know that I absolutely love fruity scents.
Also, I'm someone that will always bring a small bottle of perfume out with me whenever and whereever I go cause I think it's important that one smell pleasant.
I feel it's also important to have that one scent that represents you the most, like when someone smells it somewhere, he/she will immediately thinks of you.
Firstly: Ivoire by Balmain.

When I took the bottle out of the box, I absolutely fell in love with the packaging!
So simple yet classy and elegant at the same time.
"The bottle pays tribute to the couture heritage of the house and the initial creation signed by Pierre Dinan.
Pure lines recalling the architectural training of Pierre Balmain, the solid weight of glass in the hand and the warmed transparency of gold make up an authentic perfume object."
Ivoire by Balmain is a rewriting of the last signature perfume created by Balmain in 1979.
It was one of the most sought after perfumes in the 80s.

Gave it a press and my first impression was that it's quite flowery and fruity at the same time.
“The original Ivoire remains a scent with a strong personality, which was very advanced for its time; it was a very aldehydic fragrance borne by fruity harmonies. Our job was simply to update the perfume without betraying it. The first impressions were to remain familiar but with a more modern twist,” explains Michel Almairac, a perfume designer at Robertet. “Today, thanks to a remarkable choice of qualitative raw materials, we were able to explore new olfactory territories.”

Available now at all Perfume and Cosmetics Stores located at Changi Airport.
Ivoire EDP comes in 50ml and 100ml, priced at $97 and $139 respectively.
(Prices excludes GST)

Moving on.....................

Was invited down to Penhaligon's, located at ION Orchard #03-16 for a session of couple scent profiling on 29 January!

Really really adore the interior design of Penhaligon's. 

For those who don't know, Penhaligon's originated from Britain, a fine English fragrance house, was founded by William Penhaligon in 1870. 
Today, the Penhaligon’s scents are still made in England using the finest rare ingredients. 
Penhaligon’s hold two long standing Royal Warrants – from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (granted 1956) & HRH The Price of Wales (granted 1988).

Ain't it gorgeous?! 

The wooden floor/counter tops, marble tiles, candy-coloured tables and ceramics all blends so nicely together!

3 glass cabinets displaying all their fragrances.

And on the other side of the room, the super chio quilted ribbon wall.

Tiny corner for you to start trying the different unique scents they carry.

Went down with C for a couple scent profiling.
Mike, Penhaligon's fragrance connoisseurs, took us through the wealthy history of the brand and a very interesting and interactive scent profiling session.
Shall not disclose so much of the scent profiling process so you can head down and experience it yourself.
It's free anyway!

Other than fragrances, they sell these too!

There's me, Mike and C. :D
Mike kinda decided for me what to bring home in the end as I was torn between 2 fragrances.

Went home with Ellenisia Eau De Parfum.
Available in 50ml and 100ml, priced at $180 and $250 respectively.

While C got Eau Sans Pareil Eau De Toilette (100ml) - $290.


Last but not least, was invited down to:

For the launch of the newest addition to the pureDKNY perfume range: A drop of Rose, on the last day of January.

 So pinkish and feminine! Totally in love with the pink roses!

Camera-ready Evonne!

Awesome canapé!

My love for salmon never change. Just give me anything salmon, I'll have it right away. This one tasted especially succulent!
Dig the bacon on the stick too. Sprinkled with cheese on the inside.
First time trying frozen grapes! Nice crunchy texture.

Sorry for sidetracking. 

So we were given a task - to sew our own heart.
Well not literally of course.
The one on the left was a sample for us to follow, thus obviously the one on my right was my end result.
Not too bad la hor? At least it's still a shape. xD

So what exactly is this mother and child project about?
Lets help our fellow disadvantaged Singapore women if you can! 有力出力,有钱出钱!

What's an event without selcas with my fellow beauty bloggers?
With Kas, Chantana and Miwitch.

With gorgeous Evonne and cutie Yina~
Super love Evonne's loud and vibrant hair colour man!
Just realised that Yina's hair colour is kinda similar to mine. xD

Food of the day:

Selcas of the day:

Thank you C for the earphone!

Parking of the day: NOT BAD RIGHT!!! Compared to the car behind mine. :P

Dog of the day:
HAHAHA, ain't he like the most adorable doggie ever!
Whenever we take his bag out, he would jump in on his own accord!
He will get very excited as if he's always heading out for his first time. xD

Alrights, enough of this super long post. Digressed quite a bit. 
Sorry can't help it. It's my nature. MUAHAHAHA
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it!



  1. Wow, interesting :) I love the perfumes and the dog. Happy Chinese New Year to you ^_^

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! I want to see korea post. hehehehe. waiting and waiting.

    Hope you have a prosperous new year.

    1. Soon soon! :P
      Thanks dear. Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

  3. When is your malaysian drama coming out? Can't wait!! (^_^V)

    1. 3rd of March! Unfortunately, you can only watch it on tonton.com.my or on Malaysian's 8TV.



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