Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Revive my.............

Guess what treatment I went for?

Make a guess from this photo before you scroll down?

Hahaha yes.... Something to enhance my pair of sparse and uneven brows.
I've always regards my brows as a essential part to me. It's as if they are the frame to a photo, if you get what I mean. :)
Without properly fitted eyebrows, you will look something like this below:

Hardly visible whenever the flash hits your face while taking photos.

I was really happy that I underwent Browhaus' signature Brow Resurrection Natural!
During the consultation with the Brow Specialist, I told her the kind of brows that I've always yearn for; Korean brows and she started to design the perfect brows for me.

Check out her super long brow pencil! Short strokes is the way to go!

The Brow Specialist filled in my brows strand by strand to create the perfect brow design for me.

Checking out my going-to-be-semi-permanent-brows.....

And I'm satisfied!
Don't you agree that the Korean brows = thicker in front with no arch, makes one more youthful looking? :D

Once I’m satisfied with the results, the Brow Specialist started working on my Brows. :)

The Brow Specialist apply numbing cream on my brows for 20 minutes so when the treatment start, you wouldn't feel any pain at all! I was given a pair of disposable earpiece to listen to my music which made the treatment even more comfortable for me. I thought that was really sweet of them!

The whole treatment took about an hour to complete. Numbing cream's effect wore off shortly after and I could feel a lil discomfort, bearable though.

All in all, the downtime took about 3-5days.
I was told not to put any brow makeup or skincare products at my brow area. I was also given Build and Fix (aftercare products) to use over the week.

What I love most about Brow Resurrection Natural package is that:
They offer unlimited touch-up sessions for up to 2 years!!!
It's recommended that you get it done once every 4-6 months.
If you think your brows are still too light you can go a shade darker when you head back for your touch up!

Enough talk!
Check out my awesome natural-looking pair of brows!

Here's a photo of before and after:

So how do you like my new pair of brows?

Browhaus is offering a special promotion for all my readers!
Quote ‘Hayley Woo’ to redeem a Brow Resurrection Natural Trial at $300.
Available at the following outlets – Browhau Cathay, ION, Katong, Raffles City Basement & Street Level. Valid for new brow resurrection customer till
22 march 2013 only. 



  1. Hey ya blog is starting to get boring... we readers are interested in ur daily life not all this bullsh*t ad or promotion on ur blog...

    1. Thanks for being so daring. Ok noted! :D

  2. I love your brows. I will take note of the promotion. Thank you for the reminder :)

  3. Hey Haley!it's awesome. May I know how much is the original pricing without the promotion? (:

    1. Hi~ It's Hayley by the way. Well, this I'm not sure. Perhaps you would like to give them a call?

  4. Hi Hayley, can i know which outlet n specialist name?

    1. This is the Raffles City outlet. Oh no, forgotten my specialist's name! Sorry~

  5. Hello! Is this permanent? Do they stick real hair or draw fake hairs?

  6. Oh no.. Promo over.. Sad.. :(

  7. how long does it last, I know they tell you 2 years but how long did it last for you?

    1. Well, I didn't really heed their advice by not drawing my brows. Cos I'm constantly changing my hair colour, so I needed my brows to match!
      It's pretty much still the same in the after-photo! :D



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