Sunday, February 03, 2013

Snail Skincare?!

Been quite a loyal fan of Bio-Essence's skincare products since 2011.
Started using their V-shape face lifting cream ever since I saw this video.
If you have been going to local Watsons or Guardian, you may already seen this on their shelves, their latest products featuring:

Yeah I know, I know. A tad gross..................

.... But hey, it's the newest skincare phenomenon! 

Did a lil research about how snail became a technology for skincare.
Just a quick summary of what I've found on the Internet:
  • Snails are first marketed for gastronomic purposes in the 80s.
  • Chilean farmers discovered that their hands became extremely soft when they handled the snails.
    Injuries caused by the sharp snail cages healed quickly without becoming infected and also there wasn't any scars.
  • Soon, they realized that a snail's shell could also repair human skin.
  • The eldest son of the Chilean family directed a rigorous scientific study about the properties of the snail secretions to have extraordinary regenerative capacity on human skin.
When I went to Korea last year, almost every skincare shop in Myeong-dong carries at least one type of SNAIL related products - NOT KIDDING.

For those that aren't able to get your hands on those Korean skincare, fret not!
Bio-Essence came out with their Bio-energy Snail secretion series!
The uniqueness of Snail secretion is that it naturally comes in glutinous and elastic texture that is easily absorbed into the skin to leave it instantly smooth and suppler after application.

Ever thought how those tiny snails are able to repair their severed body parts naturally? 

Well the truth is that they discharge their body fluid (Snail secretion) as a protective coat to help them glide along the ground with ease.
They are also known to never suffer from the roughest surface thank to its' body fluid, which is also rich in proteins.
Snail secretion has fibroblast growth factor too.
*Fibroblast: A body's constructive crew that helps repair tissues and creates collagen.

Power healing for smooth and supple skin

  • Infuses Snail Secretion with Bio-Energy Fluid and combining active ingredients to enhance the skin's regenerative abilities. Benefits includes:
    1. Repairs damaged skin
    2. Stimulates skin cell regeneration
    3. Removes scars and lightens mark
    4. Anti-inflammation to prevent pimples
    5. Moisturize and soften skin
    6. Keeps skin supple and retain elasticity

Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Serum (30ml) - $39.90

 How exactly is Snail secretion extracted?!

  • It is collected from snails bred under natural environmental conditions.
  • Snails are selected based on their weight, skin texture and colour of secretion.
  • They are placed under high pressure condition to enhance the secretion.
  • After the secretion is produced, the snail is cleansed and returned to its breeding place.
  • The secretion is treated for its subsequent use.
    Snail secretion is extracted carefully WITHOUT any harm being done to the snails.
Active ingredients includes Snail secretion, Bio-Energy fluid, Tremella polysaccharides and Oat Glucan.

Benefits of this awesome serum:

  1. Enhances absorption of nutrients & moisture; to help rebuild skin's ability to retain moisture.
  2. Replenishes collagen; smoother, refined and radiant skin.
  3. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles; vitamins to slow down aging of skin.
  4. Repairs pimple scares and marks.
  5. Restores newborn skin texture.
  6. Soothes and protect skin against harmful pollutants.

Bio-Energy Snail Repair and Smooth Cream (50ml) - $39.90

Active ingredients includes Snail secretionBio-Energy fluidAngelica Extract and Wolfberry Fruit Extract and Grapefruit Extract.

Benefits of this fantastic cream:

  1. Enhances absorption of nutrients & moisture; to help rebuild skin's ability to retain moisture.
  2. Contracts pores, refines skin texture and enhance skin's smoothness.
  3. Replenishes collagen; smoother, refined and radiant skin.
  4. Reduce appearances of fine lines and wrinkles; keeps skin firm and elastic.
  5. Restores supple and smooth skin.
  6. Soothes and protect skin from external damage with the help of its natural anti-bacteria property.
Have you tried any of the snail skincare products out in the market yet?
If you did, do comment and share your experience with me!

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  1. I wanted to try this snail series. is it effective? cause it's expensive here. I don't wanna try if it's not effective :(



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