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Bellabox (January- March) 2013

I've always look forward to receive Bellabox each and every month!
It's as if it's Christmas every month! :D

January Bellabox: Celebration of Chinese New Year.

All about happiness: 福气~

Gooooodies! :D
  1. Trussardi Delicate Rose Eau De Toilette (50 ml) - $99.
  2. Ichikami
    Infused with Japanese botanicals and a very distinctive sakura scent, this hair care series have won the likes of beauty editors and cliched the Yahoo! Beauty Awards in 2012.
    - Ichikami Shampoo (550 ml) - $16.90
    - Ichikami Conditioner  (550 ml) - $16.90
    -  Ichikami Hair Pack Treatment (5 tubes) - $19.90
  3. B.LIV Natural Apple- Feel no Sluggish
    Packed with anti-oxidants and cell rejuvenating nutrients that keep the face looking young and vibrant.
    The mask prevents signs of aging by invigorating the skin with fruity essence and banishing dull skin once and for all.
    1 piece - $2.95
    1 box (7 pieces) - $17.95
  4. Skinfood Watery Berry Toner + Emulsion
    Contains Cloudberry and Lingonberry extracts that are excellent antioxidants.
    Along with Hyaluronic Acid, they work to penetrate deep within the skin to moisturize with a lightweight finish.
    Watery Berry Toner (160 ml) - $41.90
    Watery Berry Emulsion (160 ml) - $41.90
  5. Skinmiso Comedo Remover - $16.90
    It is made of durable stainless steel so it doesn't buckle or break even after multiple uses.
    Suitable for a variety of pore sizes, it features different sized rings designed for removing blackheads and whiteheads in a safe and hygienic manner.
  6. Sasa $5 voucher
    Sadly wasn't able to use it cos by the time I received the box, it had expired. :(

February Bellabox: Happy Valentine's Day!

Love the wrapping paper~
  1. Lanvin Marry Me!
    Was created with the intention to suggest the strong bond that women have with their perfume.
    With fruity top notes of Bitter Orange, Freesia and Peach.
    Available at all major departmental stores.
    30 ml - $76
    50 ml - $108
    75 ml - $136

  2. Adonis Herbal Peel Gel
    Contains 7 botanical ingredients, it helps to exfoliate the skin gently, revealing a brighter and smoother skin tone.
    80 ml - $58

  3. Nuxe Rose Comforting Cleaning Milk
    This unique formula that contains Cotton Oil derivative, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Damascena Rose Petal Floral Water and Allantoin, helps to cleanse and remove makeup gently while protecting the skin from dryness.
    200 ml - $38

  4. Mememe Eyeline Pencil
    Glides on perfectly with precision and definition. Its extra smooth formulation allows smooth application without tugging the delicate eye area.

March Bellabox: 

Bellabox Bloggers' Event @ Antoinette

Really love their interior design!

Would you like a cuppa tea sir?

Event finally commence at around 7pm.

Love how creative they are with the way they present their chocolates!

We were each asked to pick a colour of macaroon at the beginning of the event.
So I took Chocolate!

Awesome canape going around the room.

Love the salmon especially! Simply cannot resist the freshness!

First stop of the event: Skin analysis.

Found out that I actually have dehydrated skin.... :(

Nuxe to the rescue!
This silicone-free dry oil texture leaves no greasy after feel on the skin!

Gave me the Masque Crème Fraîche® de Beauté to take home!

Oh my, I especially love this out of all the products they have!
Acts like a pre-essence (similar to L'Oréal Youth Code), this Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid helps to repair our Mitochondrial DNA for lasting youthfulness and glow.
First application on my hand and it instantly made my skin super smooth.

Next stop: Sigma / MeMeMe / Sleek.
First time seeing Sigma and Sleek hitting our shores! In the past, the only way to get your hands on them is to pre-order them online! So happy I can finally see the whole range in reality. :D

The MUA over at the counters applied the same colours on both Susannah and my eyes.
The differences between Caucasian and Asian. LOL

Proceeded to LAVIN's stop.

They have got a new perfume coming up in May! Bottom 3 scents are what makes up this new perfume!
We were given Rose tea + macaroon to fully appreciate the scent. Pretty cool!

That's me with their super chio chair and backdrop. xD

With Susannah and our LAVIN's blue paper rose.

Last stop for the night,
Cellilux clay mask!

Trying it out on the spot......

And back at home!
Works pretty well! After removing it with warm water, my face feels really supple and the pores on my nose appears to  be much smaller. I know I know, the pores on my nose really disgust me too. :/

Let's see what we have in the month of March!

  1. Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Deep Correcting Whitening Essence 
  2. Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Replumping Gel-cream (50 ml) - $59
    Combines the hightest tech in skin brightening and whitening with protective Peony essence and 5 different essential oils.
  3. PureDKNY - A Drop of Rose
    Sourcing Damascene roses from Turkey that are harvested by hand, its essence calls to mind a just-picked, rather than old-fashioned floral.
    50 ml - $96
    100 ml - $132
  4. Dr Cl: Labo BB Perfect Cream
    Packs a punch of moisture, brightening, whitening, sun protection, makeup retention, smoothing and foundation coverage.
    30 ml - $67
  5. Dr Cl: Labo Super Cleansing EX
    Highly effective makeup-removing cleanser with skincare benefits.
    120 ml - $50
  6. Lemongrass House Shower-gel
    All natural, eco-friendly massage oil that provides a luxurious out of body experience with gorgeous scents that stimulate the senses.
    260 ml - $19.25

Goodies from the event!

From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Sleek Eau La La liner in Bullion 290
  2. Sleek Pout Paint lip stain in Minx 161
  3. MeMeMe long wear satin lip cream in Tuscan Red
  4. Sleek eyeshadow in Crush
  5. MeMeMe Dew Pots in Deadly Berry
  6. Sigma E25 Blending brush
  7. MeMeMe nail file

Love the shade of coral on my lips!

Met up with C after the event and he got me my favourite peanut Ah Ballings!
How not to love him you tell me!?

Interested to receive samples like these too each month?
Quickly sign up and join them as a bellabox member!

Sign up as member at $19.95/month or $219.45/year (one free box)
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If you like a product you sampled in your box, you can purchase the full-sized one on the bellabox website! Orders are dispatched daily; you receive free shipping for that month's products!


  1. Hi hayley . I have oily skin. And black head is there any product that can cure?

    1. Drugstore brand: St Ives. Good for weekly exfoliation! They have got something daily too! You can find them in Guardian or Watsons. :)

  2. hey,hayley!do u have any product to recommend for whitening and brightening?thanks!😊

    1. Vichy is good! :D Will be blogging about the event I've attended soon. More details to come!

    2. thank you!will go try out!:D

    3. No problem! Glad to be of help. :D

  3. hello hayley,do you know of any hair products that is good for hair after rebonding?like maintain the nourishiness,cause I often have the problem of dryness and fizziness after the rebonding.thanks!:)

    1. I love VS hair care series, great nourishment and smells fabulous. As for dryness of hair, I would recommend you to mask your hair twice a week. :) Applying hair oil after towel-dry is important. Spray some heat protector too if you are going to blow-dry your hair. :)

  4. wow!thanks hayley!i am gonna try it tml!:]

    1. You're welcome! :D Hope it works for you!

  5. hi hayley! what contact lens are you using at the moment? you look gorgeous<3

  6. What size contact lens do you wear ?



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