Friday, March 22, 2013

Grooming Day!

Really love how I can step out of the house without putting on any makeup on my face at all!
Thanks to Browhaus Brow Resurrection Natural! Read about it here.
As I've mentioned, brows are certainly very important to a face as it frames your face.
If you have brows that people can barely see, you will look like a ghost.
If your brows are too thick, you will look like Shin-chan.

I'm so glad I went for the treatment, cos now I can step out of the house confidently, without having to be afraid of I would look without drawing my brows. Awesome for lazy people like me. :D Somemore semi-permanent which means it's long lasting!

Only lazy women exists in this world!

Anyways, brought my lovely pooch out for his first haircut ever a few days back!
He seems excited!

How adorable! :D

Kept him in a tiny area while I was choosing his hair clip.

Was deciding between these and.......

This! Chose this in the end! :D

In progress! :D


Selcas while on the way back home....
See! Still can see my "frames" right! :D

The lovely pet groomer threw in a checkered scarf for my Bui Bui! So sweet!
BBW looks so tiny right now. Like a furball walking around the house, wagging his furry lil ball of tail. xD
Total cost of grooming him = $75.
Total cost of the smiles on my family members' face = priceless.

Collect my REAL frame at the end of the day too! $70.
What 'cha think? ;)

Did I mention Browhaus & Strip has opened a new outlet at 100 AM (Next to Amara Hotel)? It's a stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, lucky to those busy executives working in the CBD area!


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