Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Save these animals!

11 March

Make-up for the day.
Done changing!

Happy Monday!

It was pretty crowded!
Met Shine up at City Hall control station and went to the event together.

Photo wall! :D

Hahaha, monkey face. :P

Taken by the professional photographer of the event.

More camwhoring!

With Roseanne, Sarah, Renee and Chingyan at the photo wall!

What's an event without refreshments? :D

Super love the strawberries dipped with white chocolate! Yums~
Cheese quichelettes was good too!

Their newly launched eye-shadows, lip glosses and perfume.
How pretty! And they are highly pigmented!

Host of the day: petite Shu An.

Makeup demo on the spot on Irina babe, showing us how we can use the eyeshadows as liner.

Next, dramatic cat eye look + super fun HOT PINK shadow on the lids.

End product:

After event, this is what we normally do. :P

With the lovely Shu An. :)

Chilled alone with a cup of $1.50 froyo.

Do you know that Leona Lewis is the ambassador for this campaign?

Lovely pooch!

Chilling with a clay mask after event.

Do show some love and join the pledge!

Found some past products photos that I haven't upload!

You don't wanna see these poor animal suffer too, do you?

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