Sunday, March 31, 2013

That Girl In Pinafore Press Conference

Finally the day we had waited for, meeting the media and press with our new movie!

We had our boot camp last year May, started our rehearsal in June, filming in July.
Really miss those times....

Was really glad that I had a chance to be a part of the cast and act along side people who have passion in music and acting.
Got to act as myself in the movie somemore! What more can I ask for?

I was the first to reach Shuffle that day on 4th of March.
Was really excited the previous night until I couldn't sleep well, thus the shag/a lil grumpy face in the morning.

After hair and makeup!
Photo credits to Nicholas.

With my twinney, Jayley.

And the man that made it all possible, our director, Chai Yee Wei.
Totally friendly and funny guy, loves to crack jokes and tell us his stories.
Thank you for choosing Jayley and I... :D

D.T in the house aka Daren Tan, our dance instructor + choreographer.

With Sherly.

Love the font of back drop! So pretty~

Rehearsed for a bit before the press conference started.

While waiting........
Photo credits: Zhi Qing, admin of Hayleycopters.
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My lovely admins also created a blog for me! How sweet!

And there we go!
Introducing ourselves: Jia Qing, Jia Yi and Sherly.

After that, we sung 2 songs for the crowd.
星空下 by the boys!Photo credits to Nicholas.

Next, everyone altogether: 細水长流 with a new spin.

Photos time!

And lastly, interviews with various media and press.

That's Kelvin aka Xiao Pang, Jia Qing aka fart king and Kenny aka small white face behind us.
Beside me, we have Sherly aka Liyana in the movie.


Check out what our dear director have to say!
Look at the way when he talks about the movie and you can totally imagine what it was like to be on the set.
Click on this video to listen to the full version of 麻雀衔竹枝!

A short Questions and Answers with TNP.
No idea why they made the video so greenish-yellowish.. :/

Camwhoring time!
Full main cast + Lilian from 972 fm + Director.

Photo credits to Nicholas.

I will never forget those laughters and madness on set.

 Photo credits to Nicholas.

Articles about the movie.
Click to enlarge.

And we will always get compared.

Really thankful to my dear admin of Hayleycopters, Zhi Qing. 
She's always there for me at my events! I would say she's like the most faithful one.
Even went to KL to see me at Sungei Wang during my drama promotions!
Feel so blessed and loved! Thank you for your support my dear.

Went to have lunch with the pack after the whole event ended at Liang Court basement.
是我吃过最不好吃的Ramen. :/

Went to Vivo alone to waste some time with myself...
Super yummy Durian pomelo sago.

Mrt-ed down to City Square Mall to meet up with C.
My new found love: Hong Kong 鸡蛋仔!
Been a while since I've blogged such a long post!
Hope y'all will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed blogging and reminiscing the past experiences.
I'll see you soon.


  1. Hayley! Where you get all your accessories from? Mind telling? :)

    1. You meant the colourful ones? From one of the Scape underground shops!

  2. Super duper love by2~and u gals are awesome too!
    Singapore power,SIngapore talents,Singapore movies,Singapore everything jiayou~
    Hope to see u gals as really gr8 actress in the future...jiayou yo!XD

  3. i am very curious why st nicks n cat high haha

    1. The popular girls' schools in the 30s!

    2. 那是因为这几间都是新谣的摇篮!新谣的出生和萌芽,都和他们息息相关。

  4. Is it possible if you confirm with us that the 3 main schools in that show is st nicks, cat high and hwa chong?(:




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