Monday, April 01, 2013

2D1N Korean BBQ

P.S. I'm probably enjoying my full body massage in Batam right now when you're reading this. :P

Ever since I've got the chance to try the original Korean BBQ in Myeong-dong, I've always been thinking about it.
My first time ever trying Korean BBQ was with the Pinafore cast, after one of our rehearsals practice.

On the 8th of March, was my 2nd time there to satisfy my cravings.
Tried their buffet style! No beef for me!

Digressing, been loving this Cellilux clay mask for quite a bit!
Turns into this very pastel green when completely dry.
Haha, I look like Frankenstein. xD

8 days later, went back to 2D1N again. HAHA!
This time with my ex-sec 4 clique, Wei Xing, Lesley and Carin.
Wanted to try Manbok though, but it was:

I swear I could camwhore anywhere..
At home;

And..................... In the car. LOL

Love my current nails so so much! Simple yet classic.
Been a while since I had long chio nails.
A tad not use to them especially when I blog!
But no choice, to be pretty and vain, you will always need to sacrifice. :P

Alright, now food spam!
Partly the main reason why I love to eat at 2D1N.

Kimchi-chigae, a tad spicy but SHIOK!

If you were to eat downstairs, as in Ala carte instead of buffet, the kitchen would cook the pork for you.

Steamed pork. Super tender, although it won't exactly melt in your mouth like what it was described on the menu.

Pa-jeon aka Green onion pancake.
This one is yummy too! But you will need to share it with 4 others to finish it. Portion is pretty huge.

 Bloated tummy = big smiles.

Decided to MRT down to Bugis for some skincare shopping.

Dropped by Sephora and I've offered them some of my skincare regime tips.

First time trying a bowl of Blackball. Totally what I love. Very similar to Snowflake in KL!

 I must say that March was the month I've blogged the most compared to the past few months or late 2012.
Catching up now!
Hope you guys can see my efforts!
Will try to blog as often as possible.

Bui Bui says good night to you.

What's your favourite Korean restaurants? Any recommendations?

Do share with me!xoxo


  1. Can offer us some skincare regime tips too? :X Teach us how to achieve the skin like yours:D

    1. Hahahaha, that I was thinking of doing a YouTube video! Should I?

  2. Totally appreciate ur frequently updates! Thanks! I am waiting for your seoul trip updates because i am going there soon. Jiayou! Hwaiting!

    1. Thank you for your appreciation! :D
      Hahaha, oh ya! Always slip my mind!
      Okok, I will try to blog about that ASAP!

  3. Wow really love ur many updates..haha..thanks for sharing la~interesting n nice pics!

  4. really really hope that you can offer us some skincare regime tips :) hope you can make a video out of that :)



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