Friday, April 05, 2013

Korea Day 1

So frigging excited! I'm finally able to say this:
If I didn't remembered wrongly, I changed about 600 SGD.

Checking in.....

At the moment when I saw this, I'm like,"DIE! How to buy more stuffs?!?!"

Chillax at TCB with a cup of warm Mocca and a plate of Chocolate of A Thousand Leaves Cake.Layer upon layer of the lightest chocolate sponge cake separated by a moist and wafery hazelnut cream filling. Mama Mia~

All excited and all ready to go! :D
Gotta thank C for that pair of winter shoes he got from me from Japan to keep me warm and fuzzy!

Before flying off~

Watched this on board.

So excited we couldn't sleep!


C opted for their seaweed porridge and gosh, it tasted so damn good!

Skies we woke up to; B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

After collecting our bags, went straight to the nearest convenience store to grab some BANANA MILK! :D

I know I look all smiley here but ZOMG, it was MAD FREEZING.
Typing this, reminded me of how I felt at that point of time and I'm not even joking.
It's SOOOOOOO cold until you just keep trembling and wishes you had something really thick that you can wrap your whole face and body up with.

Taking a bus to Wonju bus terminal!

Enjoying my drink.
The bus didn't even have to on the air-conditioning cos it was so cold!
My drink managed to remain cold throughout the whole bus-ride.

Lunch at the bus terminal's food court.

Camwhoring while waiting for the food to come. :P

Looks good desho?

On our way to Oak Valley Skiing Resort in a cab.
Gosh, it was so hard to get a cab over there!

Totally love the interior of their cars, and yes, their steering wheel are on our left.

C and a stack of our luggage.

Seriously I just any o how snapped these photos while on our way there and I thought they all look really pretty! Guess the grass is always green on the other side.. xD

Love the trees... So artsy. :P

Posted this on my Instagram a while ago!

And finally we reached our destination! :D

Really friendly Ajumma, received my first compliments in Korean from here too!
"Neomu yeppo yo!"
Hee, kamsamhamida~

Camwhoring while C checks in....

A paranoma view from our balcony.

Freezing our hands off while taking this photo. LOL

First time skiing~ OFF WE GO!

Love the sunset.
Skiing was pretty fun but scary at the same time.
I find it really hard to control cos the blades were kinda too heavy for me and the snow was so damn slippery!

Thank you C for fulfilling your promise and bringing me on this wonderful journey....

Check out my naturally rosy cheeks caused by minus 16 degrees temperature.

Have a break, have a......

... Churros!

Yummy sausage!

Our super numbed and red palms after skiing~

C was hungry even after snacking so we went to Lotteria to satisfy his hunger pangs.

And he got me a cup of hot choco!

Went to the supermarket at the basement and found the same sausage we had earlier on.
Decided to buy a packet and microwaved it on the spot. xD

Out in the snow, there was another shop selling these Taiyaki!
Nom nom nom~

Our view in the lift..

Day 1 was pretty amazing!
It still feels kind of surreal that I actually got the chance to go to Korea.
Even since after watching all those K-dramas and enjoying KPOP music, I kept on thinking about Korea.
Really glad that I can now say that I've been there, done that. xD

Day 2 coming up! Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Hi Hayley,

    Saw the post on your FB that you posted on the trip. Looks like a great trip so far for the both of you (lovebirds ;-) ) despite the cold. The place your staying looks great. Is it a service apartment or an Inn/Lodge? Would be cool to read more about resort and place your visiting.

    ~Peace~ B-)


    1. Hi Ash! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, the apartment was great. Kinda like a lodge with all that interior design. Will be blogging about Day 2 soon!

  2. Hi Hayley,

    What is the size of your luggage?

    1. Hi Anonymous! Well, I don't really know the exact size of my luggage(s). The one that I brought up on to the plane with me, is a cabin one!

  3. Hi Hayley,
    How much you paid for the resort stay?

  4. Hi Hayley,

    When did u go to Korea, what is the temperature. It seem very cold. As I will b going mid Nov, temperature avg 0 to 10 degree n I not sure what kind if clothing should I wear.



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