Monday, April 08, 2013

Korea Day 2

Woke up early in the morning to prepare our checkout.

Beautiful day.

Took these while on the bus.

Tried Banana milk, next up in the line, Strawberry!

More breath-taking landscapes...

With other tourists from Hongkong! Met them the day before while skiing and once again at the Wonju bus terminal.

Express bus ticket!

C could sleep any where man...

Tourist-y photo of the day!

Purchasing our train ticket.

Looking at the map, makes me kinda dizzy...

Looking at the advertisements on the train, kinda scared me.....
It's like a norm to see these pictures in public.


Changed train and we reached our destination! :D

Gotta grab the opportunity to take a photo with Junsu though it was just a poster. 

Shopping underground are normally cheaper than the shops above ground.
But I would recommend shop elsewhere and not at Myeong-dong cos most likely you will be able to find the same thing at half of the price.

This smells so effing good! Clever of them to place their shop at the entrance of the train station!

Cheesy Taiyaki~ *Yumms*

Nine Tree Hotel, our hotel for the next few nights. Very small but they have got like everything!
Noticed how the ceiling is really short too?

Breakfast coupons and freebies.

Room 1107.
Why isn't it 1111?? xD

C seems happy with our room!

This is what you will see when you step into the room.
Toilet on the left and beds on the right.

Desk plus a window with a city view.

How thoughtful is that to have a pillow menu! I would say it's one of the kind, unique!

Toilet facilities.

After snapping some photos, we head down for some night shopping!
Taken at the entrance of our hotel.

Newscaster doing her thang.

Was intrigued by this!
It's actually called Schneepang.
It's a hard waffle ball that is topped with different flavors which include chocolate, caramel, strawberry, cinnamon or a plain glaze, originating in Germany. 
This ball is thrown into a bag and banged by a hammer a few times before given to you. 
A bag of broken up pieces of a hard waffle cone topped with a syrup, the ultimate sweet snack that is like a cookie mix. 
For just $3 a ball, it is a cheap street food yum that you can splurge on the calories by making it up with excessive walking and shopping in Myeondong.

Then C spotted someone familiar.....
What were the chances that we will meet that the exact same stall man!
Fate I guess!

Head out to C's favorite place for dinner.

What I normally do while waiting for the food to come!

Appetizers + 1 buck coffee.

Introducing Jjimdak 찜닭.

It's quite obvious that C loves this!

Couldn't finish the whole thing. Looking at other tables, I realized that it was suppose to be shared with 4 people!

Really special toothpick! I thinks it glows in the dark.

Happy Hayley and Casper!

More street snaps.
Sweet that was being made on the spot in the frigging freezing weather.

A bag shop that I spotted. I'm sure Jayley would love it here.

Home slippers from Daiso.

Went window shopping at Forever21.
Trying on random stuffs to camwhore. :P

Clothes that caught my eyes. Always said "KIV (Keep In View)", but ended up leaving the shop with nothing.


Quite a unique way to tie your belt.

ZOMG, this is probably like the BEST STREET SNACK EVER!

BSX featuring G-Dragon.

Nope, they are not filming.
If you look closely, they are firemen trying to put out a fire....

IU~ :D

Back at our hotel..

Purchases of the day!

So glad that C booked a hotel in Myeong-dong!
Very convenient!
Keep your eyes peeled to this space cos Day 3 coming up!
Hope you enjoyed reading this!


  1. Really looks like a fun trip your both having. I like what I see in the Nice Tree hotel I mean Nine Tree hotel (LOL!). Really like the idea of choosing the pillow and the restroom and shower look very well thought out.

    The stuff you bought looks great and will compliment your style B-). Looks like C (Hello Ah-C!) is enjoying the food ;-). The streets of Myeong-dong looks really intriguing. Lots of things going on all over the place :-). I really get the Bladerunner vibe looking at the place :-). Would sure like to go there someday.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ashwin Siva

    1. LOL! No problem! I hope you will have a chance to go there sometime soon!

  2. On a side note :-), Maybe you could convince C to write somethings as well just for fun B-).

    Like a Guest Blogger within this blog or once in a while a Blog Duo/Duet?

    Would be fun. Just an idea :-).


    1. Haha well I did try last time! In fact he have his own blog! But he's too lazy and busy to update his... xD

  3. Oh okay :-). Maybe one day B-).

  4. Hi(: Nice posts(: Can you still ski right now, as in are the ski resorts still open? And can I know where did you get your blue bag from and how much it costs? It's pretty(: Thank you & keep blogging please.

    1. Hi, thank you for reading them! Hm, this I'm not sure, perhaps you would like to google and give them a call?
      Blue bag is from a street stall in Myeong-dong, for 10k won!
      I will! Thanks!

    2. I see! 10k won is really cheap. What a steal. If I may ask, can I know which street is it? Or if you don't know the street name, where is the street stall near? Thanks so much(:

    3. It's just one of those small streets. Kinda complicated! You will need to try your luck and walk around! One whole stretch of merchandise stalls.

  5. Wow..the super yummy street snack soOoo hugh is like bigger n longer than ur face alrd..haha..n forgot to say wow..ur drawing @ e restaurant/cafe is jjang..cute sia!XD

    1. Hahaha yeah it's kinda big!
      Aww, thank you! :D

  6. Hi! How much was it per night in the nine trees hotel? Thank you:)

    1. If I didn't remember wrongly, should be around 200+ per night.



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