Thursday, April 11, 2013

Korea Day 3

Next morning we woke up at around 10 in the morning for the hotel's buffet breakfast.

Look of the Day!

Guess what?
First time in my life that I saw SNOW!



Look at everyone else shunning from the snow, looking for a shelter and shielding themselves with an umbrella.

HAHAH, C's exaggerated expression. :P

Found a Skin79 outlet in streets of Myeong-dong!

My BEAST bias!

Gong Cha spotted! Apparently doing quite well over there!

Went to took the train and spotted this shop that sells really cheap winter scarfs, hats, ear muffs!

Super regret that I never buy this knitted hat when I first saw it la!
Told C and myself that I will KIV, but by the time we came around, it was SOLD!

Ewha Womans' University station - IT WAS MAD COLD there!!!

Spotted a cafe that sells:



Mad love this photo! Love how the camera catches the snow falling...

Not bad right my skills. :P

Panorama view of the University.

GIKWANG! 2nd bias! :D

Settled our lunch at this cozy shop..

Adore their idea of decorating the walls with these little pieces of papers handwritten by their customers.


Mad love their pickles!

Ajumma was nice enough to throw in an extra egg for C.

Pretty yummy!

There's mine!

More street food! :D :D :D

Dropped by this very empty mall and check out the winter jackets! SUPER LOVE
If I were to live in Korea, Imma assure you that I will save up and buy every one of these, one the right side of the photo.
In winter period, all you need to do to look good is to just throw on a super chio jacket, VIOLA!

SUPER DELICIOUS but very spicy!

Pork that melt in your mouth...

Hot soup to warm your body up!


Even the trees look nice in the weather...... OK I'M BIAS. HAHA

C's always helping me with my shopping...


Bought one of my frequent wear pink spotted leopard print tunic from here!

Nong nong escalator down.....

Back at that shop that sell the knitted hat that was sold.... T_T
Lesson learnt: If you really like it and you think the price is reasonable, please buy it on the spot.

How can you not get dizzy reading this?

Luggage that I was really tempted to bring home.........
Especially the red brown one!

At night, we went to Dongdaemun area!
We went to all the major 3 malls you can find and all levels.
Didn't really buy much stuffs and they ain't that cheap.
If anything, when we went to the guys' level which is always on level 4/5, I always get stares and heard people saying,"Neomu yeppo yo!" or asking where are we from.... xD

Stage for those daring people to go up and perform...
Although you can't really see the face of the girl wearing pink, you will see her later...


Gorgeous~ :D

Drank a cup of hot choco...

While C enjoyed his Japanese curry katsu.

 Small lake? Next to the mall..

Tryna hold and sleep on it.

While taking the train... Camwhore with my new usagi head band.

With Junsu again! :D


Super happening when we exited Myeong-dong station..

Some dance night fever!
Love those lights...

Okay now... This is the same girl that danced on the stage in Dongdaemun......

Mad sinful but satisfying supper....

Purchases of the day! :D
From left to right, top to bottom, here are the prices:
Grey tunic: 10k won
Pink knitted top: 20k won
Pink cow print tunic: 10k won
Brown stripe top: 10k won
Red muffler: 9,900 won
Brown leopard jacket + Brown muffler: 40k won [BEST BUY OF THE DAY MAN!]
 - Other places are selling the exact same thing at 75k won. Although I know I would hardly have the chance      to wear it out but please, it's damn worth it!

4 kitty hat + mustard beanie + hairbands: 28k won

Day 4 up next!
Are you enjoying our Korea posts? :P


  1. Interesting,went there last year.And yes the men's level at dongdaemun can get real creepy with the men asking not just women but men as well to look at their stuffs...Great post(S) so far looking forward to the rest...Btw have you guys gone to coex mall?Its something like Takashimaya or vivo in singapore,recommended if u have nothing to do n want to visit the aquarium.

    1. Hahaha IKR! Didn't plan Coex mall in our itinerary! Maybe next time! :D

  2. Its interesting. I enjoyed all the photos that you put up. Its fabulous and the scenery is awesome.:) I like all the things that you buy. Great post so far. I hope I can go to Korea soon :)

  3. hayley , i really love your blog !! it's interesting & i really enjoy reading your blog ~
    hope you can update often :)

  4. Hi Ah-Yi,

    Really looking good so far. Seeing everything is tempting for sure to travel there. I love the River view. Would surely like to see the place in real life :-).

    Good to see your both enjoying your trip and helping us the readers plan for our own trips someday :-D.


    1. O_O May I know what's with "Ah-Yi"?
      Don't really like people calling me that unless you're really close to me.

      No problem, that's what bloggers do!

    2. Really, Sorry Hayley. Did not mean to offend, anger or aggravate, That was not my intent. People I have met like to be called by their first name :-). Like most people call me Ash for short, close or otherwise. Supposed to convey positive rapport, It's a subjective thing. My humble apologies again as it did not here :-), I would not have known if I did not comment. So learn by doing and sharing, lol.

      To make up for it I can only offer a Chocolate cake, but only a photo! Digital Cake...,lol.

      You might like to know The Macarons from Paris I mentioned on FB have opened in Singapore on the 15th of April. The link is below. HungryGoWhere did a partial review.

      Info :*aid-ae713f00/


      (Copy and paste links if they don't hotlink)

      I was quite surprised to see they look almost the way I remember (Hmm.. that's like...11 years ago!). So maybe you could write an entry about those when time permits B-). They are really worth the try. I just hope they maintained the quality though.


    3. Hahah, ok. Yeah, I've heard and seen the rave. Will give them a shot when I pass them by. :)

  5. girl, you really look younger than ur actual age.

  6. Hey harley..nice to see ur post..currently im in korea, and i have difficulty in looking for skin79 myeongdong store...can you explain more about the location?like what other stores near skin79 store?is it far from the uniqlo?your response will be greatly apprreciated..thanks..:D

    1. Hi Andrew, my name is Hayley by the way. ;)
      Hmmm I don't really remember much details but it's in one of the alleys.
      Nearby GongCha!

  7. Wow the shopping looks awesome! Do you know the name of the empty mall that sells all the nice winter jackets? They look so pretty, i would love to have a look at them when i go there. :)

    1. Hi Nat! Sorry but I can't remember the exact name of the shopping mall! It's the only mall at the Ewha University area though! ;)



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