Saturday, April 13, 2013

Korea Day 4

Skipped hotel's buffet breakfast and went into one of the restaurant in Myeong-dong.

Selcas while waiting for our food to be ready.

C and his fried rice.

Totally not loving this Ja Ja Myung! Not nice one....

This pancake isn't that bad though. A bit too dry to my liking.


C decided to have his 2nd hair permed at the same salon he previously went.

The view from the 2nd floor of the salon.

After getting his hair done, went a lil shopping!
Bought a foot mask + snail essence set at Tony Moly.
3,800 won and 38k won respectively.

Mad crowded on a Saturday afternoon - 22 December 2012.
Can you spot a spiderman? xD
Some broadcast tv filming too.

The shop that SM town opened.

 Love the sunset..

Took a cab to Namsam Tower! I remembered my face was frozen and numb.
The wind there was huge man.

The famous lock tower where all couples will make sure to visit when they are in Korea.

What was I taking?

These! Red flowers growing on these trees!

Freezing...... Brr brr~

Panorama shot of the surroundings.

Look at how the trees grow! All slanted one... xD

Brownie that cost 1k won. Quite yummy!

To reach the top of the tower, we would need to take this elevator that travels at a super fast speed.

Love the view man..

Wishing pond for couples to waste their money on.

And I manage to throw it into the well while C lost. LOL

Nice X'mas tree outside the tower.

Cute slanted benches.

 What's Namsam Tower with the locks right?

Beautiful Namsam Tower at night...


Went to search for our dinner! C brought me to this restaurant that sells in-his-opinion, the best Saba fish!

This is like the must-have sauce in Koreans' dinner man - Red pepper sauce.

I know it doesn't look appetizing but damn, it's superb!

C digging in!

A cup of hot choco to warm ourselves up once more...

One day, I'm so going to get one of these babies home..

Gorgeous outer wear that I was so tempted to get but it was so expensive! 80k won man! Equivalent to almost 90 SGD!

This gotta be our favourite street snack, hands down.

Back at our hotel area, C spotted the truck that sells soup. He really loves that!
While I ate this bread with cheese in it. Not that nice cos it's quite cold and mushy.

Purchases of the day:
Lacey dress that I wore for V's day + the 2 shorts: 25k won
Nordic print jegging: 5k won
Brown Mulberry inspired bag for Natalie: 10k won
The First Collage (Yoseob's CD + poster): 12k won

Woot woot! :D
Day 5 coming up!
I'm missing Korea already....


  1. Hi how much was e hair perm or cut at juno?:) n how much were yhose cute luggages u didnt gt to buy?;) ilove ur korea hol posys^^

    1. I'm sure Casper replied you on the price regarding that hair cut.
      Forgotten the price of the luggages but they were pretty pricey!
      Thank you for loving them! :D

  2. Hello, Hayley! I'm going to Korea too! Cam I know where the shop up you had the dinner?

    1. its at namdaemun... opposite numdaemun actually.. its a corner shop.. :)
      i think its call uncle grill fish or something... :)

  3. Hi~ May I ask where did you get your mulberry insp bag from? THanks!

    1. One of the bag stalls in Myeong-dong. ;)

  4. Wow,have you been to the teddy bear museum?Pretty nice with the moving mechanism n lighting.All the food is making me hungry for the kimchi fried rice that i had in one of myeongdong's restaurant with cheese dobokki(not sure how to spell)...really recommended.Haha,keep the posts comin...

    1. Haven't been to the teddy bear museum before.
      Glad you're enjoying the posts.

  5. Hi There! Can i know which location sell the cute luggage? Thanks(:

    1. They have it almost anywhere! From subway stations, Myeong-dong, Dongdae-mun etc.

  6. Can i know how to get to the hair salon??



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