Saturday, April 27, 2013

Korea Day 7


Slept in for a little while more on this every day and went to have lunch at a restaurant that seems to have plenty of Koreans. Must be good to have a full house!


The idea of cooking everything yourself by mixing everything, is kinda cool!

C doing the job.

Looks unglam but taste real good!

After lunch, went back hotel to check out.

And off to:


It's so cute that they call themselves an island of their own, still got their own immigration check point!

Taken away by this very gorgeous view in front of me.

Panorama view of it.
Withered trees, mountains, blue skies, everything just seems to fall in place.

Boiling hot water to warm us up!

Lots of people heading there!

Mad mad cold.......

Love that flare!

Snow everywhere! :D

While waiting for our train...

Had to carry our own luggages all the way to the hotel man.

Still remembered vividly how long we had to walk before we reached this place.

C was like saying,"Wa he very clever! Go take the small luggages!"

Our room for the night.

Books for visitors to leave comments in.

Effing love the tiles on the wall!

We had a balcony!

Awesome view!

HAHA, C trying to imitate me.

On the 2nd floor of our hotel rooms, there was this very cute and unique chair/hammock.

The whole place is decorated with various marble tiles.
Somehow it made me feel very homely!

Off we head out to explore the island!

Water in the rivers all freezing up.

Love these artsy fartsy trees!

The famous 2 rows of trees where visitors came for to snap a photo with.

HAHAHA my boy is a joker man.

Bird nest spotted high up in the withered trees.

With the statues of Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo from the famous K-drama: Winter Sonata.

He's really good at cracking me up.

Korean sausages are really nice.

Post-luncher at this cozy shop.


Oh my gosh. I effing love this Sikhye man! Taste so AWESOME!

More touristy photos!

Check out the lights and small birdies! Everything just blends so well together with the weather.

Water all freezing up.

Dinner time at this posh-looking Chinese restaurant!

Camwhore while waiting for food to come.

Fried rice that C ordered.

Xiao Long Bao.

Peking Duck~

Love the expressions of the snowmen. HAHAH

HAHAAHAHAHAH! See what I meant by C being a joker? He's a natural!

Merlion spotted!

Map of Naminara Republic.

Some tidbits from the store.

Exhausted and cold!

Gosh, every single time I blog about this trip, it's as if I'm reliving them again.
Every details still vividly refreshing in my brain.

I miss Korea.


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