Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Korea Day 8 (Last Day)

26 December 2012

Woke up quite early that day as we had to check out in the afternoon.
Wanted to take more photos when there isn't so many people on the island too.
Guess what did we spot while walking! :D

Uh huh! Mr Squirrel! :D
Love this photo C took.

The rest snapped by me with my iPhone 5's camera.

I thought this ice mountain looks pretty cool!

Wonder how they create those texture..

Some corn as breakfast!

Totally doesn't taste nice at all.... In fact, it's quite tasteless. :(

Singaporean's mindset, when there's a queue, the food must be good.


Happy 2013!

Early in the morning already so many people! Guess we ain't the only Kiasu people. lol

Can you spot something in the background?

They runs super fast! Almost impossible to catch up with them when you get them startled.

Back to hotel to check out.

Camwhore which waiting for C to approach the staffs to help us carry our luggages.
Funny thing was that after snapping this photo, an old Korean uncle approached me and ask me if I needed help. I kinda handsigned and told him of course we do!
He went down the road, the way C went and approached C, scolded the staffs there for not offering us help.
He's actually some sort of manager! Cos the staffs feared him. xD

Finally the hotel cab came around......

Some panorama shots at the ferry area.

-12 degress, no kidding.

Can you see the R.A.I.N.B.O.W?

C's favourite roadside soup.

Sweet potato slices! I LOVE!

How they cook their chestnuts:

Finally reached the railway station.

Yummy! :D

An hour plus ride to City Hall station.

Changed train and tadaaaa, to the airport!

C purposely booked our flight back to Singapore cos he wants to be the first and only one to wish my Happy Birthday.... xD

On the Express bullet train to airport.

Passed by so many beautiful scenery...

Performance at the airport.

Guess who I bumped into again? HAHA it's MengYu!
What are the chances man!

22.2 kg for my luggage.

And 44 kg for C's. Cos I left most of my stuffs in his bag when mine can't fit.

Thank you for bringing me on this trip my dear. :)

Going back home!

My dinner on flight, too bad I can't eat the whole thing cos there's beef. :(

C's dinner.

Love the ice-cream!

When the clock striked 12, out came my 2nd birthday gift from C!

A Michael Kors' watch.... ❤   

Felt like this when Jayley told me she's not coming to pick me up at the airport........ T_T

At least Bui Bui was happy to see me!

I'm seriously missing the weather in Korea, the food, how people dress up there, scenery man.
Blogging all these is as though I'm walking through them again, if that makes any sense. xD

Hope you guys enjoyed my Korea trip posts and that it helped you guys somewhere or another if you guys were to go there someday! :D




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