Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Recruit Diaries aka 阿兵新传 Day 1

Yes, currently my ongoing project.
12th of March was my first day of filming.
Acting as 淑贤, a demure girl. :P

Hair and make-up in progress...

My other girlfriends of the day: Shine aka 碧风 and Sheila aka 莉冰。

Met photobomber X in the makeup room.

Setting off!

Sunshine, you are my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey~

One more photo before action~

Haha, that's my lip balm on the table. :P

This is what you see people normally do while waiting on set.

With the gorgeous Paige!

Whole day wrapped! Jeffrey is the main lead for this 阿兵新传!

Sushi with C @ PS' Ichiban Sushi.
Saw the backdrop of Ghost Child and he decided to do this to Jayley. HAHAAH

Act one 陈汉玮!

And my turn...... GOT LOOK ALIKE NOT!
Okay la, except the frown. :P

Just came back from my 2nd Batam trip!
Quite a short getaway but it wasn't as bad as what I thought it would be!
Not really use to eating their local delights as it was all too salty/spicy.
Stuffs are much cheaper there of course, but didn't feel all at ease while shopping cos the tour guide warned us that there will be pickpockets, asked us to be-careful.
Talking about our tour guide, he's really humorous guy, made the trip so much more interesting!
1st time going for massage parlor twice in a day. The one at night was like the BEST.
Not kidding! Out of all the experiences I had, it was hands down fantastic. Tipped the aunty 6 SGD till C's masseur was jealous and puzzled why she received so much lesser than her colleague. xD
Alright, need to head to bed now. Gotta wake up early tomorrow for a Revlon event!

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