Monday, May 06, 2013

2nd Batam Trip

TravelogsFeb 2012 - Batam (2 years anniversary)


C treated me to a short getaway on our 38th monthsary last month.
Another present he got for me to complete my Stitch costume! x

Puffy face in the morning.

Mac breakkie at HarbourFront Center.

Our ferry to Batam - Wavemaster 8.

After an hour ride, we reached the Sekupang Ferry Terminal.

Tour bus of the day!

Thank you dear for being so sweet!

At first I was really unhappy that we had to follow the tour but was glad that our tourguide made everything so much better. He's really humorous and straightforward!

First stop at the Kuey Lapis factory. Anyone?

Pretty delicious in various flavours.

Second stop: Chocolate boutique. LOL

The cashier actually recognized C as an actor. LOL

Third, bird nest shop.

Workers picking out the bird nest on the spot for us to see.

Fourth stop, entertainment stop.
Such a hot and sunny day!

Guess what was he trying to do?
Right, peeled off the coconut woody skin with his teeth..

What's next?
 Putting a object that was on fire into his mouth...

Not enough for him...
Let's chew some glasses.

And jump some fire hoops!
Mad impressive. 

Dropped by a store that sells local tidbits.
C got the Kopi Luwak for his parents.

Ralph Lauren's factory outlet. C got 2 tees!

The station I hoped for the most....

Uh huh, MASSAGE! :D
However, I didn't really enjoy myself as the masseur kinda sucks, she doesn't have much strength.

After that...... Went to a boutique that sells..

Imitation goods. LOL
Someone inside recognized C once again.
Went to Batam City Square for a 2 hours of shopping.

At around 6.40pm, we checked into this hotel.

There's a bathtub! LOVES

And I also dig the size of the bed!

Cabbed to Nagoya at around 8pm. Gosh, the streets of Batam was really dark! They don't have much street lights.... :/
Dined at this restaurant that serves Chinese food.

Addictive peanuts.

Wanton soup.

Was so full but C insisted on having his favourite dessert.

That's right, it A&W's ice-cream waffles, something you can't find in Singapore.

Bloated, we got our hotel cab driver to bring us to a massage place he recommended.

And oh gosh, enjoyed the full 2 hours full body massage so much!
The BEST that I've tried so far!
So happy with her I tipped her 6 SGD, causing some jealousy between C's masseur and her. xD

Back at the hotel lobby for some WiFi.

The next morning...
Breakfast at the a shop in Megamall instead of the hotel's buffet breakfast.
Window shopped a while and chilled at Starbucks while waiting for our time to pass.

Thank you dear!
See I smile until so happy. :P

Somemore selcas...

Home sweet home!

First thing I did when I reach home: MASKKKKKKKK~
Hahaha, hope this photo didn't scare the crap outta you! :P
Alrights, gonna head to bed soon!
Goodnight my lovely readers!


  1. you have a good boyfriend. he always do so much for you. so lucky

    1. Hahaha, yes I do have a good boyfriend. He's really sweet to me. :')

  2. We go to Batam a lot and have found a really nice place to stay called Batamholiday. It's an apartment but it's much better than the normal pokey hotels they have and the service is great. Very cheap also for larger groups. See the website at

    1. Thank for sharing. :)
      Will check the hotel out next time!

  3. Hello!! Can I know where is the Starbucks you mentioned? I went to Batam before but I didn't realised that they have a Starbucks outlet.

    1. If you read carefully, I did mention where it was located! @ Megamall~

  4. There are starbucks and several other coffee shops all over Batam now.

  5. Did you know that there are hidden cameras inside the former Isabella Massage House now known as Majesty Spa & Massage at Nagoya Hill? There have been reports made and yet many Singaporeans still don't know.
    If you do not believe this message then please go on your next visit and spot the hidden cam. All the massage therapists knows about it, the boss sits in his office and view all the hidden cams.

  6. Last sunday, I surprisingly visited the smae place and also went to the center to have some relaxation and am amazed to tell you that I enjoyed massage a lot and the massaeus provide services of clinical pilates like any other international spa.

  7. For good coffee, western cuisine and sweet savouries, I recommend Coffee Story Co. At the shophouse in Nagoya Hill shopping mall compound just next to the water fountain. The Steak Diana is to die for!

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  12. I stayed in Barelang Hotel during my recent trip to Batam. They have just recently opened late last year and they're pretty good if you're in a budget. For only about 25$, you get a room with AC, hot water and a king size bed. Most hotel claim they have good AC but the only hotel i've stayed and had my AC really working is on Harmony Hotel( about 3x more expensive than this budget hotel), Harris Montigo( a resort i went last year with my friend that cost me a good 90 dollars on discount) and this budget Barelang Hotel.

    The hotel is located in 'kampung bule', the heart of nagoya they say. About 90% of the bar/cafe/restaurant in batam is just a one to three minute walk away from the hotel. I'd really recommend staying here if you're on a budget but you're going big.

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