Thursday, May 02, 2013

Goldie Locks

24 April 2013

C sent me to Salon De Choix to get my hair done before going to work.
Thanks dear!

If you're following me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have seen this selca! :D

Last photo before I turn into a.......................

..... (Bleaching in progress) .....

...... (Touching up of bleaching - The roots were harder cos it's black) ......

....... (When the roots fully absorbed the bleach and turned colour) .......

Of course it's not this colour! Too lian..... :P

I honestly thought I looked like a lion with bright yellow mane.

When I Instagrammed this photo and asked my followers what colour they thought I did, many thought it's gonna pink! xD
Well, it's just the filter. :P

Elein thought my brows were too dark for my hair, so she helped me to dyed them too.

Time for some hair treatment!

What I do when boredom gets to me...................

Finally results + my freshly dyed brows too!

Borrowed a light brow eye shadow from Elein's colleagues and drew my brows.
No filter for the following photos....
LOVE THE CURLS SO SO MUCH! Created by a bigger diameter curler.

Thank you Elein for making me look like a barbie doll! :D

Now if you want the same hair colour and book appointment with them, go download their new app on iTunes!

Check out the promotions that they have!
15% off on ALL hair services and additional 20% if you go there during your Birthday month!

Hurry go download the application on your phone now!
As for my dear Android followers, no worries!
The app for you guys will be out in May/June!

Thank you Salon De Choix and Elein for taking care of my hair!
Received many compliments for it too! :D



  1. why you suddenly change your hair colour ?! but anyway you suit in this hair colour :)

    1. Haha I wanted this colour for the longest time so I went ahead and dyed it.
      Heheh, thanks!

  2. Will it damage our hair if will to bleach?



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