Thursday, May 30, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil


Went to hunt for a gown for Star Awards at Danny L.
  • Located at Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, #03-11/12.
Big thanks to Danny himself and Aunty Irene for the awesome help. :D

First look: All white tutu mesh dress - bridal feel.

Second look: Grey feathery dress - pretty flattering.

Third look: Pink toga bare-back rosey dress.
Yeah, if you guys followed me on Instagram or liked my FB page, would have known I wore this to #SA2013. ;)

After fitting, Shine and I head down to Fullerton for the L'Oreal Paris event.
Demonstration on the spot by the expert on how many different ways you can use the oil.

What exactly is that magic bottle of oil?

Tadaaa~ I'm sure those that often visit Watson or Guardian would have seen this bottle of oil in stores before. Been using it since the day I've got it.
Let me share how I use it!
As you know, my hair was bleached before thus it's very damaged and frizzy.
When I shampoo my hair, I would most often condition my locks with a good squeeze amount of my coloured TREATMENT plus 2-3 pumps of this oil. Then mix it together and apply it on my hair, concentrating on the ends.
I would tie my hair up into a bun and continue washing my body and my face.
Before drying myself, I would then rinse the treatment off using COLD water.
My hair would feel so smooth and soft after I towel-dry!
Before blow-drying it, I will pump twice and apply on my hair again, protecting it against the heat.
I swear, this oil is so good I'm not even paid to say all this!

Back to the event, yummy mini burger!

Selcas time!
With Shine.

Sarah, Kas and Chantana - the beauty bloggers.

Went out to the balcony and had some touristy shots taken together with Shine and Maybelline.

Yeah, so that's about it!
See! Even BuiBuiWoo is excited about having smooth and non-frizzy hair!

Have you tried this bottle of oil out yet? :P


  1. I like the selca of you with that bottle, esp like your eye makeup. did u use white eyeliner?

  2. Was randomly scrolling back and I realised I liked the all white tutu mesh dress better than the one you wore to the actual SA. D: Made you look a little more mature but still keeping the young kinda feel... If you get what I mean. Compared to the pink one, I thought the white one suited you a lot more! :3



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