Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Recruit Diaries aka 阿兵新传 Day 3


Good morning sunshine!
To all the people reading this, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
Have a good one ahead. You're half way to the weekends! :D

My in-the-character-boyfriend, Ah Ber, whose real name is Ivan. :)

What we had to do that day at East Coast Park:

HAHAHA IKR, so cheesy. xD

Group photo of the day.
Always nice working together with a bunch of youngsters.
You can always bet on having fun and hearing laughter from afar! :P
Especially from Jeremy, the joker standing next to Xubin on the extreme right.  HAHAH

I'm thankful and glad.
Let's work hard together and SHINE together! :D

Brunch at Novena's Xin Wang.

Jayley joined us.

I miss you dearly, sis.

My photogenic baby at home. MUACKS


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