Sunday, June 09, 2013



Selcas of the day. Bui Bui look so cute in the first picture!

Finally sometime with my sista.

Love my new shades from Forever21.

Mirror effect. :P

Finally went down to Danny L to collect my gown.
Third time trying it but first time with blonde hair.

Met Alton at Far East Plaza and we had our dinner there.

My lovely dongsaeng and BFF, Ah Toon! :D

Food that took forever to come. Fortunately, they are quite delicious.

More selcas while waiting for the dessert.

Black sesame ice-cream! Pretty good!


Hung out for a bit in front of Old Town.

Decided to move our catch-up session to Shuffle.
Hahaha Ah Toon decided to go up to the stage for an impromptu performance.
That's Kenny on the guitar! Playing as "small white face" in That Girl In Pinafore.

Always nice to catch up with BFFs.
True friends will always stay no matter what.

Random note: In love with the matte black car in the middle. If I'm not wrong, it should be a Merc.

When was the last time you catch up with your good friend?


  1. Hi Hayley, I love your skin :) Do you use face primer or makeup base to keep your makeup smooth all day? Can advise? Thanks!

    1. Hi dear! Will be doing a skincare routine video soon! :D

  2. The last time I catch up with my good friend-Toh Xin Yi was that we went to Sentosa in 2011. We went to Universal Studios. It was pretty fun and exciting. We took a lot of photos. The roler coaster ride was scary and I went screaming like mad. I enjoyed myself. True friends will always stay no matter what happens. :)

  3. Dear Hayley, thank you I'm really looking forward to view your video and the daily makeup products - (makeup base, bb cream) and skin care which helps to give this glowing look on you. Thank you for replying :)

    1. Daily makeup video is already up on my channel! ;)



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