Monday, June 17, 2013

Model for Laneige

By the time you're reading this, I'm already in Shanghai!
Gonna attend the Film Festival! Hopefully I'll be able to meet Zach Syder and SUPERMAN as they will be attending the event too on the 19th! :D
*crosses all my body parts* 


While waiting for the cab, you can choose to stand there or in my case, #selca. ;)

Bare face of the day.

Was there as a model for Laneige's Mothers' Day's workshop.
Was honoured to get made up by Song Hye Kyo's MUA for her K-drama: That Winter, the Wind Blows!

How not to camwhore! :D
Really dig how the thicker and fuller brows makes me look younger!

C came to fetch me at Pan Pacific Hotel and off we go to have some AHBALLING!
My all-time favourite dessert @ Golden Mile.

Mad hot day.... All sweaty!

And I wonder why C perspires all the time while eating, no matter what food he puts in his mouth.

At night, we went to Costa Sands for his family gathering.
Got to try out Ladurée's macaroon for the first time.
Not very impressive. :/

Same same but different different... :P

First time playing poker with C's new set of poker chips.

Woes of having lighter hair.... BLACK ROOTS.

See you guys on 21st!
Hopefully I won't be too tired to blog!
Don't miss me too much alright. :P


  1. Sorry, I know this is very very random. But i rmb reading one post abt your hair and that you have rebond it before. And I guess it was a long time ago you rebond it right. Erm.. I just want to know what products(e.g shampoo or?) do you use to keep your hair so smooth and straight after rebonding it long ago? Because I rebond my hair like 3 years ago and now it is still very frizzy.. I've tried different ways to "save" it, but...... >.<

    1. Haha yes I did! Typically, I wouldn't change my shampoo unless I have colored hair. Just that I will use more leave-in products after washing my hair and I replace the conditioner for a treatment. It really helps. Leave your treatment on for more than 10 minutes each time and do it thrice a week if your hair is really damaged. :)
      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! I watched a show about basketball thing (dunno what is the title of the show, paiseh xD) , and you are a pretty girl. :D May I know which brand of shampoo and conditioner you using? I know it sounds so weird xD Because I coloured my hair last year and now it still looks so frizzy. My friend ask me to cut all the dyed part but.. >< :(

    1. You mean Dive Into Love? Heh, thanks for supporting!
      Herbal Essence coloured shampoo + conditioner + treatment.
      I suggest that you use treatment/mask each time you wash you hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes everytime you do, before you rinse it off.



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