Saturday, June 01, 2013


Happy 1st JUNE!
Finally a new blog header for my blog! :D
Gotta thank both of my very talented WOOHOO friends, Minhua and Alfred for taking such nice photos!
P.S. I did my own makeup!

If you are wondering why did I chose to shoot in the water, that is because I always wanted to try it out after watching most of the seasons of American Next Top Model. xD

Here are some other photos from the water themed shoot we did in March.

I can honestly tell you that taking photo in the water is REALLY hard!
You need to tilt your head, make sure your neck is extended, breathe in and out, float on the water, open up your eyes, ALL AT ONCE!
The sun that day was really glaring and hot. Nonetheless, it was a really fun shoot! I had lots of fun!

First outfit of the shoot, we thought of going along with something that will be flowy in the water and a more natural makeup look.


2) "Work it girl!"

3) "A mermaid wanting to catch her breath"

4) Water Ballerina step model

Second look for the shoot.



8) Last but not least; how can we not reach out for our darker and mysterious inner self?

Very thankful to have friends like Minhua and Alfred.
They are always super on! :D
Love yall many many! HAHAH

So~ Which is your favourite photo from my water themed shoot!
Do comment and share with me your thoughts!
Hope you guys like the photos!


  1. I personally like the fifth one. a natural look.

  2. The second picture look like Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang! 😘😍❤️

  3. Your blog header looks like Dawn Yang! (in a good way)

  4. i like all of the photos ! really nice and amazing. good job

  5. I like the number 4 one ballerina step one! So pretty :D

  6. My favourite one is the second and third one!
    Gorgeous! :D

  7. I love all the shoots especially your blog header :) Its lovely and gorgeous! Pretty Hayley.

  8. 4 & 8! Omg you have so much potential you should just join Asia's Next Top Model ! You go girl!



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