Wednesday, June 12, 2013


If you have added me on my Instagram / Twitter / Facebook, you would have know that I went to get my hair dyed just yesterday!
Not bad right, yesterday just dyed, today blog about it already. :P
Say goodbye to my goldie locks! *Waves*

Thank you dear for waking up early to send me to my new hair sponsor. :D

Yes, I've changed to a brand new hair salon!
Salon Runway has been around for the past 2 years.
And guess what?
I'm actually their FIRST sponsored blogger! ^_^ v

So many things I dig about their salon!
Good location - Alight at Promenade MRT station, head up to the 2nd floor and walk to the middle of Millenia Walk and tadaaaaaa, you will be able to see this cozy salon!

When you first step into the salon, you will see and feel this.
Really like the ambience and atmosphere!
I feel that this 2 factors are really important to me because going to a salon should feel something like going home after a long, stressful day of work, treating yourself to a BUBBLEBATH.
Yeah, that's what it should feel like; Peace and Serenity! :D

Display of the hair care products they use:

On your left, the place where most hair services like perming, coloring and etc are done.

On your right, chillax area + getting your hair cut.

Further in, you have the place where you get your hair washed.
Don't you hate it when some salons have this place all lighted up?
Cos honestly, I do!
How to relax and close your eyes when the lights are so brightly lit?!

VIP room, specially for me and for those who wish to be in total peace!

Inside the Studio room, you have 2 vanity tables.
Still got coat hanger! Okay, this is like the first time I see one in a salon. xD

Don't know why but this chair makes me feel like a princess! xD
So exclusive!

Last photo of my goldie locks..

And these were what I had in mind before going to the salon. 
Always wanted to try pink and purple, the 2 colours that I absolutely adore!

After discussing with my in-charge stylist, Elein, her assistant which is Abbie, proceeded on applying the hair dye..

Work under progress.....

A warm cup of Latte for me! :D

After first wash..

Proceeded to doing hair treatment.
From Shu Uemura, their line of treatments specially for coloured hair!
Well I feel it's important to maintain the colour and quality at home.
I mean you don't want to waste away those hours (at least 5hours), sitting in the salon getting those super vibrant hair colours but ended up having them last for only a week?
Using a good brand of hair colour-protector products, such as Shu Uemura, will ensure that the hours of waiting won't let go down to waste.

Ready to see my new hair colour? :D

Totally love running my fingers through my hairs!
So smooth and non-frizzy looking~

Check out the inner layers of my hair! 

Products that were used on my hair.

Thank you Elein, for concocting the wonderful colours for me. They blended so well together!

Thank you Abbie and Kent for assisting! 
Kent's red hair really screaming from attention man!
Looks like those cosplayers' wigs in real life.

Now hang on tight cos I'MMA.................... COLLAGE ALL MY SELCAS!
How not to camwhore with SUCH beautiful hair right!! :P

Really gotta thank Salon Runway! :D
Making me look PRETTY and feel GORGEOUS~
Absolutely looking forward to the next time we meet!

Promotions for you my dear readers!
Simply quote "Hayley" when you're there and you will get to enjoy a 15% off on any hair services!
However, it's not applicable to existing promotions, meaning you only can choose one. ;)

What do you think of my new hair color? 

Do leave a comment down below!

Till next time!


  1. Pretty and beautiful! Healthy hair (Y) reddish-purple is cool! (:

  2. hayley ,would like to know what colour is that? tq =)

  3. Your hair colour is cool. Reddish-purple is fabulous. :) Gorgeous Hayley!

  4. your look great... colour is fantastic



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