Sunday, June 02, 2013

Remembering SARS


Breakfast to start my day off.
My must-have from Toast Box - Ham + cheese.

Makeup of the day, as a nurse.

My first role as a calefare, giving it to a documentary.
Now I know how it feels.....

Lunch in MediaCorp's canteen - Hor Fun.
If you were to ask me to choose between this and Mee Fen, my answer will always be HF ftw! :D

Together with other nurses.

I remembering seeing her on TV when I was still studying!
Her name is Celeste. :)

Waiting and waiting....

Wrapped pretty late! I think was midnight when we left. And someone actually stole a pair of my sandals that C got for me. Though it isn't expensive, but hey! Stealing a pair of sandals?! O_O

Comfort food....

Did you manage to get a glimpse of the documentary?
If you didn't, you can watch it here.


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