Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shanghai Day 1

Before my flight to Shanghai, HuaHua (aka Minhua) sent me this! xD

One of my habits whenever I go catch a plane. :P

Big shoutout to my lovely stitchies who came to send me off! :D
Especially Zhi Qing! Always showering me with care, concern and presents!

Awesome seat! Heard from C that if you wanna book this seat online, it will cost you 50 USD more!
Thank you Alvin laoshi for exchanging with me cos I said I wanted window seat. :D
Off we go~

In-flight meal of the night.

Touched down at about late 11plus at night. Sadly, the flight was delayed. :/
China people sure are aggressive man! Once we stepped out of the customs, so many men tried to get us to book a cab with them and the prices they quoted was mad high, like 650 Yuan?!
Went to level 2 and out on the streets, airport personnel got us a private cab that cost 230 Yuan.
Asked the cab driver if he knows how to go, he said YES.
Ended up touring different parts of Shanghai, wasted 2 hours cos he doesn't know how to follow directions on his GPS. Really...........
Oh wells, by the time we reached Galaxy Hotel, it was 1am+.
Yeah, that was about it.
Bad experience. :/

Look forward to Day 2 cos it's the screening for our movie! :D
Watch out~


  1. It was a bad experience for you :( I still love you. Pretty Hayley! :)

    1. Hahaha not that bad! But was just too tired to handle all of it.
      Thanks for the support~

  2. Jayley sat first class?

  3. Hmmm how come she in first class but you in economy?



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