Friday, June 28, 2013

Shanghai Day 3


#HayleyLOTD, cabbed to 七浦路 (something like City Plaza in Singapore or Platinum Mall in Bangkok) together with Violet for some serious shopping! :D

Looks kinda lokok, but they have everything!

Imagine 5-7 of this exact same buildings.

For people who are keen to get there by subway, you may alight at 天潼路站。

First meal of the day at 真功夫。Ordered 卤肉饭!

After 4 hours of shopping with Violet, I dropped her off at our hotel and continued to C's hotel.
He treated me to a 3 hours long massage!

My masseur~ Shiokanization.

Dinner at 避风塘!Their standard is comparable to Crystal Jade in Singapore!

Food we ordered.

IMO, I find this the most interesting!
Pan-fried 小笼包。

Cabbed to The Bund aka 外滩 or widely known as the 上海滩。
Too bad it was pretty foggy and cold that night, wasn't able to see the tip of the Oriental Pearl Tower properly. :(

Went to their Forever21 and boy, it's huge.
Didn't snap any photos though.
Walked to 南京东路 too! Something like Orchard in Singapore.
Rained cats and dogs and no cabs for us to flag. Zzzzz
Walked quite long and further down till we saw a roadside stall selling this!
Gosh, it's quite yummy!
Exactly the same as Singapore's BBQ box but cost more than half of the price!
Tried 手抓饼 too! Picture of it will be posted tomorrow. :D

Yeah, managed to flag down a cab after getting our supper.
It was pretty productive that day!
Forgotten to snap a photo of what I bought that day though. :P



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